5 Most Design-y Promo Items For a Woman To Use For Marketing Her Startup


Ladies, you start up your business and you want to promote it. There are many ways how to promote your business and one of them is to make a promo items and give them to your employee and costumers. Maybe it won’t make “boom” in a time, but giving promo items surly will influence positive on your business. Giving promo items you will share your brand. You can promote your business also, supplying all your employees with some promo item. I am sure you will find the best promo items for your business, but there are 5 most design-y promo items for woman to use for marketing her start up. You can find a lot interesting stuff on Quality Logo Products.

Round Stress Reliever

It is a really useful toy, which you can use like a promo item. This little stress ball is good for your employees, your costumers and of course for your firm. You can promote your firm on a different kinds of  conventions and trade shows using stress ball like a promo item.

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Executive Desk Planner

Although there are modern technology, which make our life easier, sometimes everyone of us need something simple and easy to take, such as notes or desk planners. Everyone can use the desk planner, but it is appropriate especially for your costumers.

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Folding Malibu Sunglasses

Sunglasses are interesting and unusual promo items. Imagine, your team is going to some kind of workshop or maybe casual picnic and everyone wear promo sunglasses with the logo of the firm. It is really creative, interesting and practical for promoting the firm. Your costumers can wear the promo sunglasses too.

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Mosaic USB Memory Pen (1GB)

USB and pens are really useful. They are used almost everyday by everyone of us. So, it is a good idea to promote your firm with USB memory pan such as promo item. It is practical, small and you can bring it with you all the time. Your costumers will be really thankful to you and your firm!

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Identification Lunch Bag

This lunch bag is amazing for every employee and even for every costumer who wear lunch from home. It has a bottle place on the left side and identification card holder.

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