5 Easy and Cheap Room Renovation Tips


Have you been thinking about renovating your room or some parts of your house but you still haven’t started anything yet for the past months or even years?


It is true that many people have been wanting to renovate their place but there are just so many factors that keep holding them back. Here are some examples:


  1. Budget – let’s admit it, budget is one of the most common reasons why you still haven’t done your renovation. Most people seem to think that it is expensive to do renovation.
  2. Time – time is always a factor. Some people are too busy with their work and other things that they keep postponing their plans to renovate.
  3. Lack of inspiration – another reason is that some people can’t decide what they want to happen – how the place should look like.


Those are three factors that you should overcome in case you are planning to renovate your room or your entire place. Here are some easy and inexpensive ways on how to do your renovation. These tips also cover factors we discussed above.


  1. Think of a theme – things will be a lot easier for you when you have a specific theme in mind, which is why we suggest that you do this first thing. You should come up with the theme that you would want for your room. You can look for some inspirations and then come up with a concrete plan on how you would want your place to look like.

If in case you find it hard to think of a theme, your next resort should be architecture or construction recruitment sites where you could find people that can help you create a theme, and even with execution. Or you can simply search for some ideas on the internet.

  1. Change the wall paint colour – you can change the look of your room by simply changing the wall paint colour. So if you’re on a tight budget but you still want some changes in your room then you can pick a new wall paint colour or wallpaper.
  2. Come up with DIY designs – you do not have to buy every decoration or materials, maybe you are artistic enough to do some DIY projects. Even if you are not really creative, you can always look into YouTube videos and voila you can have your DIY designs to create new look for your room. Taking some expert advice will also help you.
  3. Consider repositioning your furniture – some people think that renovation is always about big changes that involve hiring interior designers, carpenters and other contractors, but while it’s true, sometimes, you can do the simplest things to create change. You can reposition your furniture or take out unnecessary items to create more space or to make room for new ones. It will make a big difference indeed.
  4. Work one room at a time – another advice you could consider if you’re on a strict budget is renovating one room at a time. You do not need to go full blast in your renovation most especially if there’s really no need to. Attend to urgent matters first like if you need to fix something then you can follow up others when you have the budget.


Using your own ideas, working with your hands (and creativity) and following the tips we discussed, you should find renovating an easy task, and your room will certainly have a brand new look in no time!