How To Make Cushions For a Boat


Whether your boat needs some updating or a complete overhaul, new cushions can go a long way toward providing a fresh and fun new atmosphere. It can be very simple to make your own cushions if you have basic sewing skills. Here are some quick tips from The Foam Factory to get you started.

Choose The Right Materials

Seat cushions for any outdoor area require special materials, and boats are no exception to that rule. For the cover material, pick something that is colorfast. It’s also important to select fabric that is woven, as this increases air circulation within the cushions and helps prevent mildew. For the foam material, it’s critical to pick a material such as Dryfast foam, which dries faster than standard foam and is anti-microbial.

Measure Twice, Cut Once

Seat cushions require little more than squares or rectangles. Checking your measurements will help ensure good results. A basic box seat cushion can be made by measuring your pre-cut Dry Fast foam on all sides and then making pieces to match, allowing for a half inch seam allowance on all sides. Turn pieces so right sides of fabric are together, sew all seams but one and trim corners. Turn the cover right side out and insert cushion material. Finish by sewing the final seam. If a zipper is desired, more seam allowance may be needed.

With the right materials and sewing skills, your boat will be sporting a flashy makeover in no time. Marine foam cushions are the perfect way to create a fresh new look!