5 of the Best Bible Stories For Adults


Kids aren’t the only ones that love a good story, and the Bible is filled with thousands of stories that can appeal to people of all ages. Whether you’re new to the Bible or familiar with its passages, these stories are for reflection, learning God’s will, and learning lessons about the Christian faith. We’ve included some of the most stirring, uplifting, and inspiring stories you can find.

These five stories focus on several important aspects of the faith. You can find these stories online as well as in your written bible. In fact, there are even audio bible stories for adults available on certain prayer apps and on YouTube.

Let’s jump into five of the best bible stories for adults.

1. The Creation Story

What better way to learn of the majesty, splendor, and power of God than by reading the creation story? In the beginning, God created the heavens and Earth…

The story recounts God’s creation of all living things, of the heavens, the Earth, and everything we know to be the universe. It tells of how he created light and dark, and how, on the seventh day, he rested. This story shows us that God is both powerful and merciful. He labors for six days before taking a rest, and suggests that we do the same on Sundays.

Adam and Eve are also created during this period—the first humans to walk the Earth. If you’re looking for a story to inspire wonder, the creation story is certainly it. This is always a good point to start anyway, especially if you’re new to the Bible and its many passages.

2. The Temptation Of Christ

Christ journeyed for forty days and forty nights in the desert, fasting and humbling himself before his Father. During his journey, the Devil himself visited several times to offer him salvation from the misery. He offered to turn the stones to bread, which Christ declined. He then told Christ to leap from the tallest precipice to prove his faith, stating that the angels would catch him, after all. Then, in a final temptation, the Devil offered Jesus all of the kingdoms of the Earth if he would but submit.

This story is relevant for all ages, because it tells us how tempting sin can be. The Devil offered Jesus all of the kingdoms of the Earth—that’s quite the offering. When temptation comes knocking, generally you have the choice of abstinence and the choice to submit to it.

We face all manner of temptations in our daily lives, so it’s always good to have a reminder of why we shouldn’t give into it and how others have resisted it in the past. Sometimes, all it takes is the slight reminder of a story to push us in the right direction.

3. The Crucifixion 

This story is a bit more graphic and less suitable for children, but for adults, it’s a stark reminder of just how much Christ sacrificed for mankind. He was tortured, given a crown of thorns, marched through the streets, and, at last, nailed to a crucifix to die. This common Roman punishment was meant to teach a lesson, and the very cross itself wasn’t even used until the Romans adopted the practice.

The cross has become the worldwide symbol for Christianity, and it’s important to reflect on how Christ suffered on it. He was sent to Earth to die for our sins, so that we might enter the gates of heaven and live forever with the Father.

4. The Ten Commandments

God gave to Moses ten holy commandments during his journey through Egypt. After a storm brewed above Mt. Sinai, Moses and Aaron ventured up the mountain to receive God’s word, written in the form of ten rules, or commandments. It was with these commandments that Moses united the Jews in the desert, keeping the ragged and tired band together through the word of the almighty God himself.

This is a familiar story, but also one that shouldn’t be forgotten. The commandments are rules by which Christians should live, and align with many of our societal laws as well. It gives us a template on which to base our own moral codes, and enforces the fact that God decides what is right and wrong and lays down these absolutes so that we can live in peace with one another.

5. The Tower Of Babel

The story of the tower of Babel is a lesson in humility before God. After the great flood, Noah’s people ventured far and wide and came to the land of Babylon. There, they aspired to erect a tower to reach to the heavens, but they’d forgotten that no one can be as high as God himself. Their aspirations grew too great, and pride got in the way of their senses.

God then caused confusion among them by demolishing the one unifying language they could all understand, and instead, giving each his own language. When the architects could no longer understand each other, they couldn’t finish the tower.

This is a good story of how pride can sometimes get the better of us. Practicing humility is a better course and often reaps better rewards.