10 Ways to Add Some Subtle Glam to Your Wedding


While some brides envision minimalist, ethereal, or bohemian-style weddings, others have an eye for the dramatic. If your tastes sway toward the luxurious rather than the simple or whimsical, but you don’t want anything too extravagant, you can add subtle touches that show off your love for glamour.

Not sure where to add pearls that shimmer or silk and velvet that add texture to your decor? Here are 10 ways you can add glam touches to your wedding: 

1. A Glittery Invitation 

The word “glitter” may carry a connotation of gaudiness or remind you of childhood arts and crafts, but if used right, glitter can tastefully elevate your wedding invitations. When designing your invites, opt for extra-fine glitter in white, silver, or gold. For a sophisticated look, use glitter as an accent, not the focal point of the invite. 

2. A Beautiful Beaded Dress

Every bride deserves to feel special and stunning in their wedding dress. If you want a gown with glamour and elegance but don’t want it to be too over the top, consider dresses with intricate pearl and crystal beading. Your dress will shimmer and shine but still look formal and romantic. 

3. Bedazzled Heels

While making plans for your big day, don’t forget about your wedding shoes. Even if your dress will cover your feet for the majority of the day, you’ll still want statement shoes for photo ops and when you hit the dance floor. You can go for all-over glitter, bedazzled backing, or crystal accents. 

4. Brooches in the Bouquet 

If you want to add flair to your florals, consider adding alluring brooches to your bouquet. Get creative, and talk to your florist about what materials you want to include. Make sure they understand what “level” of glitz and glam you want, as brooch bouquets can range from sparse pearls to entirely crystal-covered assortments. 

5. Stunning Jewelry

Your wedding ring doesn’t have to be the only statement piece of jewelry you wear on your special day. Diamond, pearl, or even gemstone jewelry can further glamorize your wedding-day look. If you do opt to wear a necklace, make sure it complements the neckline of your dress. Similarly, if you add a tiara or headpiece, you should try it on with the veils you’re considering. 

6. Romantic Lighting

Candles, string lights, and chandeliers—or a combination of all three—will complete the romantic atmosphere of your ceremony or reception venue. To step up the glamour, you can intertwine lines of (fake) pearls with your string lights, buy golden or silver-tone candlesticks, and juxtapose your chandeliers or other light fixtures with your floral decor. 

7. Glitzy Tablescapes

At the reception, your wedding guests will have their eyes on the food. So, serve it up with style. From your table runners to plate settings, you can add touches of glam across the guest tables and serving stations. For example, look for plates with gold or glitter outer rims and alternate them with single-colored plates. 

8. Statement Chair Covers

The chairs at your wedding reception don’t have to be boring. For a little bit of luxury, choose chair covers with a satin or velvet finish. The wedding party, and of course, you and your spouse-to-be, should have embellishments on the back of your seats. Bows, floral patterns, or beading can distinguish your chairs from the rest. 

9. Shiny Desserts

Consider sparkling up your desserts, literally! Go for metallic glazed donuts, cake pops covered with layers of edible glitter dust, or shiny candy bars to make your desserts look sparklingly delicious. Want to keep things a little more formal? Go for simple crystal monogram cake toppers that are minimalistic yet add the sparkle that a wedding cake deserves.  

10. A Sparkler Send-Off

Finally, there is no better way to end the night than with a sparkler send-off. Have your guests line up, pop some more champagne, and wave sparklers in the air as you and your spouse exit the party. 

All That Glitters Is Gold

When it comes to your wedding day, anything that adds your personality to the ambiance is golden. If you want all-out glam, go for it! If you want subtler touches here and there, try just a few of the ideas listed above.