5 Practical Steps to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Your Home


We decorate our homes with the utmost care and devotion so that we can find solace and comfort within the walls of your sanctuary. But, we are not the only ones looking for comfort as some uninvited guests are always looking for a comfortable hiding place, and they eventually end up in our homes.

We call these uninvited guests pests, and there are various ways of getting rid of them, whether they are brooding in the garden, living room, or kitchen. But, there are some pests like bed bugs that deserve individual attention because they have the potential to wreak havoc in your life. Therefore, we have created a guide that you can follow to get rid of bed bugs in your home.

  1.     Identify the infestation:

Firstly, you will have to identify the outbreak when it is still in its infancy because it is much harder to deal with a smaller infestation as compared to a full-blown catastrophe.

Various tell-tale signs signify the presence of pests.

For example, if you have woken up to a number of welts on your body, or there are blood spots on your bedding due to crushed bugs, or your sheet is covered with yellowish eggs or skin cells or black droppings. All of these signs represent the possibility of having bed bugs in your home. But, you will have to be on your toes because these signs are not easily identifiable unless you look for them. Therefore, if you have any one of them, it is time to move on to the next step.

  1.     Contain the infestation:

Bed bugs are sneaky creatures, and you must have to make sure that their habitats do not spread all over the house. Therefore, after identification, vacuum all the possible hiding places and classify your possessions into washables like linens and beddings and un-washables like wooden or décor items. Seal all of them in the plastic bags so that they are safe from the further onslaught.

  1.     Treat the washables:

Unload the washables into the washing machine and run each load for at least 30 minutes in a hot water drain cycle. Bed bugs are unable to cope with extreme temperatures and, as a result, will be exterminated.

  1.     Treat the non-washables:

Take the non-washables like wooden structures and décor items outdoors and let them bathe in sunlight for at least two to three days. Bed bugs will not be able to tolerate the direct heat from the sun and will get killed. Similarly, you can expose the bed bugs to the other side of extreme temperatures by putting the affected items in refrigerators as the bed bugs will be frozen to death.

  1.     Hire professional services:

Once you have fulfilled your end of the bargain, monitor the affected areas to make sure that all the bed bugs are eliminated. But, if you are unable to holistically remove bed bugs from your home, hire the services of professionals like Responsible Pest Control.

Do not fall into the trap of taking bed bugs lightly because they can ruthlessly run over your home and wreak havoc on your possessions in no time.