5 Reasons Traveling Is a Valuable Learning Experience


When you are in a classroom or lecture hall, you are given a great opportunity to learn. You can learn everything from the dates of history to important equations and more. However, there are limits to what the classroom can give you. For example, in an academic setting, some experts offer college essay help for students, you can choose one of them here but they can’t give you a true hands on experience into what you are learning.

For this, you have to take advantage of opportunities outside of the classroom. One of your most valuable options is to travel. Whether you do this on your own time or you take advantage of study abroad opportunities, you should try to travel as often as you can so you can learn as much as you can. Traveling will teach you lessons that an academic setting is too limited to teach you. In this article, we are going to take a look at just 5 of the many reasons that traveling can be an absolutely invaluable learning experience.

  1. Staying Organized and Managing Your Time

The first thing that you will notice when you are traveling is that you have to stay on top your organization and time management. Of course, the classroom has given you a lot of practice with this in the form of staying on top of assignments. However, when you are traveling the stakes are higher.

For example, if you are a little late on an assignment, you might suffer a grade reduction or – at worst – you will fail that particular assignment. When you are organized on a trip, though, you risk real life consequences such as missing a flight, losing a ticket, or other such real world consequences. These types of mix-ups will cost you not only time but money as well. With higher stakes, you will quickly tune your organizational skills to near perfection.

  1. Teach You To Deal With Crisis

While the previous point is perfectly valid, no one is perfect. No matter how organized you are or how incredibly you manage your time, everyone makes mistakes. When these mistakes happen, though, you can’t just panic – you have to handle them. For example, if you get to your hotel and they have no record of your reservation, you can’t just go without a hotel. Instead, you are forced to learn to adapt to the situation and either discuss the situation with the hotel or quickly find accommodations elsewhere.

  1. Confidence In Communication

When you are traveling somewhere new, you have to interact with people from the area that you are visiting. This can range from setting up reservations to hailing a cab, to even just chatting with the locals or asking for directions. As such traveling will help to build you confidence when it comes to communicating with strangers and people that you hardly know.

You can take these new communication skills home with you and employ them and the confidence that goes with them not only the next time you need to book a reservation at home but the next time you have an interview as well.

This practice in communication is further exaggerated if you travel to a foreign country and can speak the language. Practicing a foreign language in its country of origin is one of the best ways that you can get authentic practice not only correcting the language mechanics but working on tone and accent as well.

  1. Learn History

When you are reading about history, it is easy to lose the real meaning of events in a flurry of dates and names. However, it is much harder to forget not only the contents of history but the results of it when you are standing on old ruins or overlooking an old battleground. You can also see the results of history in daily life but you won’t understand the full scope of history if you refuse to step outside of a textbook and into the reality that history has created.

  1. Experience Culture

Finally, we will take a look at the most obvious lesson that you get out of travel and that is to see how other people live. If you live in the United States, for example, and you travel to Japan, you are going to see a huge difference in daily life and customs while you are in Japan.

This is due to the fact that all around the world, people have different things driving their daily life. This can be due to religion, political systems, or even just regional differences. Sure, you can read about these cultures but it is nothing compared to actually experiencing them for yourself.


When you are trying to learn as much as possible, you have to get out of your comfort zone and out of the classroom. Traveling offers you a plethora of valuable experiences and lessons that you can’t get by reading books or listening to a lecture. Rather, you have to actually take your learning out into the real world and learn by trial. Not only will you walk away with new knowledge but you will have invaluable memories of your travels as well.