5 Reasons Why To Visit Thailand


I really love that country, especially I love the Thailand’s warm weather. I haven’t been in Thailand yet, but my wish to visit it one day motivate me to make some research about it and  I found 5 big reasons why to visit Thailand this summer!! Read them in continuing!

1. Freedom

Thailand actually means “the land of freedom” and in real it is the land of freedom. Thailand people don’t live according to any rules, limits or some kind of boxes. They respect everything human, they respect their wishes, needs and live according to them! There are no prejudices, people are kind and respectful to each other!!

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2. Thailand People

There is a lot to tell about Thailand people and all that is positive! Many people who were in Thailand, told how Thais are cuteness, friendly and helpful all the time. The motto of their living is “To Live” and the smile is their every day’s accessory. Thailand’s visitors said that if you smile first at Thais, they will smile you double more and if you have some kind of problem, they will help you whenever they can. Thailand people respect everyone, no matter who he/she is or how he/she looks like. They are really kind people with an amazing sense of humor! Read more about Thailand people here!!

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That smile will make your day wonderful!!

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3. Thailand Beaches

Thailand beaches are world’s famous beaches! They are ones of the most beautiful beaches. The blue water and soft sand will leave you breathless. They offer the real relaxation and enjoyment, far away from all city’s congestion. And in continuing follow top 5 Thailand beaches!

Krabi – Railey Beach. This is one of the world’s famous beaches. It allow the real relaxation, far from any distractions. It is isolated from the cities and provides total privacy and enjoyment. Read more here!

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Hua Hin – Hua Hin Beach. It is an amazing beach for family vacation. The water is wonderful, but not so good for swimming. You can spend here a good picnic time with your love-ones.

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Phuket – Patong Beach. Phuket is an ideal beach for advanture lovers. There are many activities you can do and have a good night live. The water is wonderful, like in many beaches in Thailand and it is amazing for swimmers.

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Koh Pha Ngan – Haad Rin Beach. Despite the many, the main attraction of Haad Rin Beach is the party live. Here are the best parties, but also you can do many other interesting activities. It is one extraordinary beach!

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Samui – Lamai Beach. It is a calm and enjoyable beach to spend your holiday relax with many distractions. There are also many restaurants with delicious Thailand food.

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4. Thailand Food

Making researches about Thailand, I found out that Thailand food is with unique and specific taste. Characteristic about Thailand food is its flavor, which is actually mix from many flavors and you can feel all of them. All of them apart don’t taste in the same way like they are cooked together. But all Thailand tourists say “if you haven’t taste the Thailand food, you don’t know what flavor actually is that.” You can learn how to make Thailand food or read more about it, but we must go to Thailand to taste it in real!!

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Photo via nomadicsamuel.com

5. Cheap Living In Thailand

Living in Thailand is cheap enough to allow all pleasures you want. It is cheap to visit it and to live there. People who have lived there for a while, are surprise of living there. They say you can eat all day outside and eat what you want just for 4 USD. Thailand people beliefs are that live is for living and you really can live there!

Photo via ytravelblog.com
Photo via ytravelblog.com

You can find in Thailand cheap food outside any time you want and everything you want!

Photo via pictures-thailand.com
Photo via pictures-thailand.com

I feel enjoyment and pleasure just making this travel around Thailand. And my next step is to visit Thailand as soon as I can! Make the same you too!!