5 Safety Tips You Should Follow When Hiking During Hunting


The cold temperatures of the autumn season make it the most suitable time to go hiking. At the same time, fall is the hunters’ favorite season because it brings out wildlife. 

This leaves many with an interesting question: Is it possible for hunters and hikers to co-exist peacefully and independently? I believe the answer is yes! 


Below are some of the safety tips hikers should follow during the hunting season:

Be Aware of The Hunting Seasons

A simple google search on the internet will inform you of the hunting season dates of your location. These seasons will vary depending on your state, the kind of hunting games, or the weapons used. Pay close attention to the season dates and the kind of animals to be on the lookout for. 

Before setting out for your hike, make sure that you are familiar with the hunting season’s rules and dates within your local area. Some areas prohibit hunting during the weekends, a situation you could take advantage of and safely hike on a Saturday mid-morning. 

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Wear Bright Reflective Clothing

Brightly colored clothing is a requirement for hunters in most states. The brighter your clothes are, the safer it is for you because hunters will quickly notice you. Wear as many clothes as you want, from hats, vests, shirts to jackets. 

Do not shy away from bright colors like orange, red, and pick when hitting the trail. Are you planning on tagging your dog along? Add a bright orange sweater on them. Neutral colors like grey and white are an absolute pass! 

Be Loud

Make noise! But respectfully. Do you have a feeling that hunters are around your spot? Try making hearable sounds such as humming, singing, or shouting to let them be aware of your presence. Carrying noisy children up the trails would most likely scare off some deer.  

Hike During the Day

Do not go hiking too early in the morning or deep in the night when there is no clear visibility, and the wild animals are active. These are the most appropriate times to hunt, and hikers are guaranteed no safety.  

Stick to the Trails

Most hunters choose to stay away from trails and paths commonly used by hikers.  Now is not the time to go into the bush following a squirrel you just saw. The hunters might mistake you for a deer, especially if you have no orange clothing on! 

In such instances, you should run for your life. Looking for tips for running in cold weather under such circumstances? 


Hiking during the hunting season is sure not a walk in the park but can be achieved and enjoyed if you follow the necessary procedures and precautions and become well conversant with your local area’s hunting season dates.