5 Tips To Sell Your House Fast This Summer 


Summer is the perfect time of the year to sell your house. Many people have more time to look around to find a property they can call home. That’s why you should take advantage of the season to market your property. 


However, you must use the beautiful weather to make your house more appealing to prospective home buyers. You can do this by following the tips below: 

  1. Do Repairs 

Before putting your house in the market, you must not forget to fix your home. Don’t let the ruins of your property destroy the good feeling that the summer vibe gives out to people. Although you may think that your house’s in good shape, a professional inspection may say otherwise. Especially if you’re not knowledgeable about properties, it’s best to let experts conduct the inspection.  

By doing so, you may discover repairs that are needed to increase the value of your property.  

Don’t ignore structural and mechanical repairs. These include fixing pipes, electrical panel, water heater, air conditioning, heating systems, and roofing. If any of these need repairs or replacements, then get them done to avoid disappointing prospects.  

Then, the most visible part of your house that must look pristine is the exterior. When your home has old paint or wood cracks, it’ll look weak. No one wants to live in a creaking house. That’s why it’s always best to repaint your house and fix any wood rots.  

Aside from that, make sure that all rooms in the house look brand new to give prospective buyers more confidence to buy your home. When they see that every room is well-furnished, and no grouts or wall cracks are around, they’ll feel better about your house. 

But if you want to sell your house fast without the hassle of fixing or doing repairs, Nexus Homebuyers can offer you a fair price for your home.  

  1. Depersonalize The House 

The next thing you need to do after repairing your house is to depersonalize it. If you think that your favorite color will satisfy everyone, then think again. Different people have different tastes, that’s why someone may not like the feel of your house with your personalized touch. 

You can do the following to remove signs that you’ve lived in the house: 

  • Remove personal pictures on the refrigerator, mantles, dressers, or walls. Even your framed achievements shouldn’t be visible when prospective buyers visit. That way, they won’t feel that the house belongs to you, and they can imagine it to be theirs.  
  • You should also remove door decorations or ornaments on your lawn. For instance, if the decor includes broken plastic flamingos or cobwebs, its best to remove them. As mentioned, a prospective buyer may not like them. 
  • Paint your house with neutral colors instead of letting the bright accent walls get in the way of your buyer. Not only will neutral color tones make your home cozy, but it’ll let prospective buyers feel calm and relaxed by the overall color scheme of your house. 
  1. Make Your Curb Appealing 

Well, after depersonalizing your house, it’s best to make your curb appealing for the summer. Because it’s one of the first parts that home buyers will see, you should use it to increase their interest in your property. Especially during summer, you should beautify your curb to enhance its appeal. 

Aside from using high-quality real estate signage, you should keep the recycling bins and garbage cans neat and tidy. Even small garbage debris can easily distract your prospect’s attention. But if the area is clean, visitors will think that the house is in good hands.  

Then, you should groom your lawn or garden. Trim the lawn, if necessary, to make it look pleasant. Add in planters, colorful flowers, and green trees or shrubs. However, you should make sure that they’re not overgrown. Overgrown planters can tell the prospective buyers that you’re not taking care of your lawn.  

To make our curb look brighter, you should clean your gutters. Algae growth and sagging gutters will make your house look neglected. 

  1. Keep Your House Up To Date

Also, you should impress homebuyers with smart features. Even if the house looks simple, it must-have home automation technology. This innovation can help future homeowners make their lives easier and more comfortable with a snap of their fingers. 

Here are some smart features that may be essential for the future owner of your house: 

  • With the summer heat, going into the house is one of the solutions to beat the heat. However, getting the home cool right before the viewing may take time. That’s why using a smart thermostat can help you turn on the AC when you and the prospective buyer are on the way to visit the home. By the time you enter the house, it’ll already be cool.  
  • Another way to beat the summer heat is by installing automated window shades. Show the future homeowners that they can easily keep the sun out as the shades open and close automatically.  
  • Also, install an automatic sprinkler on the lawn. That way, home buyers will know that even if they’re away during the summer, their gardens will remain well-watered. 
  1. Hire Professional Real Estate Agent 

Lastly, hiring a professional real estate agent can help you sell your house fast in any season. Experienced and skilled real estate agents can easily find home buyers for you. Even if you’re away during the summer, someone will be there to entertain prospective buyers. 

Thus, you can enjoy your summer vacation because you know that someone you trust is there to find a buyer for your house.  

There you have it: the tips to sell your home fast this summer. Before putting your house for sale, you must repair the things that need fixing. Then, depersonalize your house so that the home buyer can imagine the house as theirs. To attract more prospects, make you curb appealing by cleaning and beautifying it. As for the interiors of your house, amaze them with home automation technology. That way, they know that the price you’re asking is worth it.  

Lastly, you may hire a real estate agent to entertain home buyers while you’re away for a summer vacation.