5 Unusual Lighting Ideas to Brighten Up Your Home


Occasionally, a home renovation project is needed to revamp your space. But you may not have the time or the budget for any major changes.

Well, be encouraged. You’ll be surprised at how improving the lighting within your home makes a significant difference in the overall aesthetic. You’ll be amazed at how different your home looks and feels when sufficient lighting is used.

Here are 5 unusual lighting ideas that you may not have considered that will help brighten up your space. Most, if not all of them, require a minimal investment and can be completed on your own. Let’s get started!

  • Consider Cabinet Lighting

Enhance the aesthetic of your kitchen by adding cabinet lighting. There are many types of lighting to choose from that vary in style, voltage, and price. This additional illumination complements the main overhead lighting nicely giving your home a more contemporary feel.

Not only will adding under cabinet lighting improve your workspace for cooking, but it adds definition to your kitchen space. This small feature goes a long way in making your kitchen brighter while eliminating shadows. Using LED Edison style filament light bulbs gives off great lighting, ideal for prepping and cooking your food!  

  • Do It Yourself

There are so many lighting do-it-yourself projects that you can take advantage of to brighten up your home. For instance, you can add some light to your home by creating a rustic lighting fixture made of mason jars! All you need are mason jars (with lids), a pallet board, and some LED Edison Style filament light bulbs for ultimate lighting.

Hanging the board from your ceiling will give the room a beautiful rustic look while giving off great lighting. Another DIY way to improve the lighting in your home is by changing up the color of the walls. Soft, neutral paint colors reflect light very well. You’ll be amazed by the difference this makes immediately.  

  • Add Clerestory Windows

Help your home out of the darkness by adding clerestory windows. These types of windows are located along the top of a wall, near the roof line. They are a cost-effective solution to remodel your home while adding some extra lighting. Unless you have experience in this industry, we suggest hiring a professional to install clerestory windows.

Speaking of windows, we also want to mention that curtains can take away from lighting if not installed correctly. For instance, you want the curtain rod to extend past your window (about an inch) so that the curtain itself isn’t blocking any light. This is a quick tip that can make a huge difference!

  • Reflective Flooring

The type of flooring your home is made up of has much to do with the brightness of your home! To illuminate your space, stay away from dark flooring materials such as carpets. Instead, consider installing a brighter floor such as white tile floors or well-shined hardwood flooring.

We suggest speaking with an experienced contractor about floor replacement. A design consultant will be able to help you find a flooring option that suits the style of your home, meets your budget and amplifies natural lighting.

  • Add More Mirrors

Mirrors are stylish pieces of furniture that add personality to any room. Homeowners can liven up their space by pairing mirrors with different light fixtures and lamps. This is one of the best ways to give your interior space a makeover because mirrors open rooms by multiplying light.

These are five ways to bring in and enhance lighting in your house. Consequently, don’t forget to replace the lightbulbs in your home. Using the same type throughout your entire space will blend in colors giving off luminous spaces. Be sure to invest in quality bulbs as well when replacing the lamps or ceiling lights of your space.

Brighter homes result in happier spaces since luminous spaces have shown to improve our mood. They also offer a great way to remodel interior spaces and switch up the style of your home without breaking the bank.