5 Ways to Improve Your Home Before Selling It


If you are thinking about selling your home, first you might want to think about what you can do to increase its value. In order to do that, you can start by improving some aspects of interior design. After all, when it comes to selling your house, the first impression is the only impression.

It takes a lot more than just putting up a sign and vacuuming the living room to sell your house and get the attention of real estate agents. Get a great result even without an experienced touch by following these five basic guidelines:

1. Make a big first impression

Be sure to get the attention of your guest buyers from the first moment. An inviting exterior is very crucial, because it can attract buyers and encourage them to visit the inside of your home. A surprise element like a big chandelier is always eye-candy and it brightens up the space. You can also consider your front door and windows, because entryways do make a statement about you and your home. You could never go wrong with an oversized glass door.

2. Bring the outside indoors

Plants can be great for decorating because they bring that fresh element into your home and they also fuel your space with extra oxygen. Bringing in a bamboo tree, a small bush or maybe just a potted flower will add a natural feel to modern interior design and decor. And it’s not only green plants that are able to do that. There is also the natural wood element or you can even try decorating with rocks.

3. Don’t over-decorate

The people who are going to buy your house must be able to imagine it decorated in their own style, so make sure your decorating style doesn’t take over your home. It is very important to remove any personal property that does not enhance the style of the house, so it would be easier for people to imagine it as their own.

4. Smart remodeling

After a research, the National Association of Realtors, found that the number of bathrooms in a home dramatically influences your business, with each full bath adding about 24% to the selling price. Pay close attention to this fact, because one more well-decorated bathroom (especially one with a bathtub) can increase the value of your house considerably.

5. Wall colors

Don’t risk by painting the walls in wildly bright colors, because that might not appeal to certain buyers. Also bear in mind that dark colors will often make the room look smaller and it might give the buyers the impression that their personal furniture will not fit in that space. So when you are decorating to sell your house, the more light, neutral colors work best for your walls. While you’re at it, you should consider the exterior color of your house. It should not distract from the style of the home and neighborhood.

Selling your home requires a little extra work, especially if you want to do it fast. Some changes take five minutes, some might take a few days, but all of these ideas are likely to deliver a high return on your investment by increasing the value of your property.