5 Ways to Add More Value to a House


If you plan to sell your home sometime in the future and want to make some renovations to add value to it, don’t forget to consider some exterior changes.

Aside from mowing the grass and repairing the roof, adding one of these outdoor features will appeal to many buyers and help you sell your house for more money.

A Swimming Pool

One feature that adds value to a home is a swimming pool. Many homebuyers with children want to have a pool, so their kids can play in it anytime and also invite their friends over. It is a great place for entertaining adult friends as well.

Many homebuyers are looking for pools that use natural elements and incorporates some of the landscape. Having a fire pit or an outdoor kitchen nearby can make it a fun entertainment area for friends and family during the warmer months of the year.

Landscape the Yard

Contact a landscaper to provide you an estimate for renovating the lawn to give your home more curb appeal. Adding flower beds around the porch, terracing the land if it slopes in front, and planting a hedge for some privacy can draw attention from homebuyers.

If you’re confident with using garden tools, then you can take care of some of the renovations yourself.

You can clean existing flower beds, put down landscape fabric to prevent grass or other plants from growing, and then planting flowers or bushes that will give the beds a fresh, appealing look.

Add a Patio

About 98 percent of people want their homes to have outdoor entertainment areas like decks, patios, or terraces. Although installing a deck can cost about $3,500 if it’s done professionally, it can help your home sell faster and for more money.

A patio is much less expensive, and it gives your house an outdoor space to enjoy. Although you can pour the standard concrete slab for a patio, you can get more creative and arrange for a beautiful paver patio installation.

Include a Fire Pit

If the back of your house doesn’t have room for a deck or a patio, consider adding a fire pit as an entertainment area. Create one that is cozy and comfortable, so you and your friends can sip on cocktails and talk by the fire for hours.

As a safety measure, build the fire pit area away from the house and out in the open, so you don’t need to worry about accidentally setting fire to a tree or your house.

Also, if you’re going to use natural gas to fuel it, you’ll need permission to extend a line from your house to the pit if you live in a city or town.

Install Solar Panels

By installing solar panels on your roof, you can earn back the money you spent on the panels’ cost and installation.

Research by the United States Department of Energy and Berkeley Lab shows that homeowners are willing to pay an average of $15,000 more for a home if there are solar panels.

Solar panels are an attractive feature because the home buyer won’t need to spend money on them and they can save on their energy bills.

To get as much money for your house as possible, it helps to have at least one of these outdoor features. It gives a family a place for entertaining or to hang out together when the weather is warm enough to be outside.