5 Ways to Create Curb Appeal in Your Home


Curb appeal means many things to many people, but at its core, it’s all about making your home look inviting and beautiful from the outside. 

When you have the perfect exterior, people walking or driving by will want to stop and get a closer look! 

Remember a great curb appeal adds value to your home. With a good exterior style, you can even sell your house without a realtor in Charlotte or anywhere else for that matter. 

Here are five ways to create curb appeal in your home using simple and inexpensive methods that just about anyone can do.

  1. Address Issues That Deter Value

The most effective way to boost curb appeal is by dealing with problems that impact home value. 

If you’re dealing with a dingy exterior, for example, you might be able to paint your home or install the siding. But if you have an aging roof, new roofing is probably your best bet.

  1. Brighten Up the Exterior

Whether you’re planning a new landscaping project or looking for ways to make your existing lawn and garden look like it’s worth a million bucks, there are plenty of ways to brighten up your exterior and create that wow factor we all want. There are even companies that can help you achieve exactly what you envision. 

Don’t overlook simple things like setting out fresh flowers or leaving out potted plants. They can make all the difference in creating an inviting space! 

Many homeowners spend thousands of dollars on renovations, only to forget about one very important part of home design: curb appeal.

  1. Plant Some Flowers

If you want your home to look well-maintained, make sure you have plenty of flowers, bushes, and other greenery outside. 

Having an attractive front yard is a sign that you take pride in your home. It can also help make potential buyers feel more comfortable with buying it—or selling it themselves!

  1. Add Privacy While Keeping It Natural

Plant trees around your house. It’s an affordable option that can make a huge difference when it comes to adding privacy while allowing nature to take its course at the same time. 

If you plant species with leaves or needles that change color, they will add visual interest, even when they aren’t green. 

Having large trees on your property also makes it easier for guests to find your home if they’re unfamiliar with where you live.

  1. Keep It Clean

The exterior of your home is one of the first things people see when they walk by, so make sure it looks good. 

Power wash your exterior (especially if you live in an area with lots of pollen), trim trees and shrubs, and make sure there is no peeling paint or loose gutters. 

Try adding a few plants as well. Not only do plants help keep pests away, but they can also add color and life to an otherwise bland-looking house.


Homebuyers need to pay attention to what’s outside your house as well as what’s inside. 

80% of people who visit your home are going through it with their eyes, not their hands, so curb appeal is vital. 

One reason homes with desirable exteriors sell faster and for more money is that they attract more interested buyers. 

If you want a potential buyer to walk into your house and instantly feel warmth and charm—and fall in love—then you need an inviting exterior that inspires positive emotions.