6 chic and useful additions to your house


Spending so much time indoors during the Covid-19 pandemic reminded us just how important home decor is, both practically and aesthetically. The problem is that there’s a long-standing trope around interiors that uselesfulness is at odds with prettiness. But aesthetics are not a necessary sacrifice for practicality — far from it. The two can thrive in a happy, homely medium. Here, we discuss the home additions you can make that not only brighten a bland space, but also provide practical use.


Buy some cool plants

If you are a genuine connoisseur of decor, house plants are a must. Not only does greenery increase the appearance of your abode, turning it into a modern, cosy jungle, but it’s also been proven to elevate mood and boost mental health.

Start out with the basics: a peace lily on your work-from-home-desk, a spider plant on your bookshelf. Maybe even a monstera deliciosa (cheese plant) by the window. Other options include snake plants that are low-maintenance and hardy, and the Dracena Gold Star, a stunning larger evergreen that lives up to its majestic name. Finally, there’s Philodendron Melanochrysum: an unusual and rare Araceae that grows large, downward facing leaves. 

It’s up to you to find the plants that connect to your soul the most and bring life into your interior, but make sure to choose low maintenance varieties if you’ve had trouble keeping houseplants alive in the past.

Treat yourself to an indoor relaxation fountain

You might be reading this thinking that fountains belong outside. Not anymore. You can get yourself a mini-fountain to sit on your desk as you study and sleep, or in your kitchen as you cook and clean.

Not only can this complement and enhance interior styling, but it can have a number of practical uses too. The calming sound of trickling water can help you to unwind and relax, or even help you to drift off to dreamland if you suffer from insomnia. Air quality can also be improved by evaporating water from the fountain, doubling as a dehumidifier and making the air more refreshing to breathe.


Assemble a tiered bookshelf

Books have the uncanny ability to make a room look so pretty. Having a tiered bookshelf as a prominent feature of a living room or bedroom can really make a difference to the quality of the space. It also allows you to stack your books in an organised manner based on how often you need to access the books.

Knowing your personal library is there whenever you want to get cosy and read is extra special. If you’re getting super creative, you could place one of your new house plants on the shelf to create an even better aesthetic.

Add some authentic art

Quality art doesn’t have to break the bank, but if you’re going to get some, you might as well pay a real artist for some authentic work. ArtFinder is an amazing website where you find thousands of talented artists looking to sell their work at reasonable rates. A filtered scroll and ten minutes later you’ve found a number of pieces that would fit right at home in your house, whether it’s above your bed or the mantelpiece. 

Not only will the art look cool, it can also spark some creativity when you’re looking for a little sprinkle of inspiration. It can also be a great investment. Something you buy today for a fair price has the potential to become much more valuable in the future, depending on the artist who created the work and the subject matter. 


Install a luxury home lift

For those with a slightly larger budget to play with, bespoke home lifts can make a huge difference to your lifestyle. The convenience home lifts can provide over stairs, particularly for those with mobility issues, is unparalleled. Think of all those times you need to carry heavy items up and down stairs: furniture, boxes, even washing. 

But home lifts aren’t just unbelievably useful in their accessibility and convenience, they can also add a striking focal point to your property. For instance, Premier Lift Group specialise in creating bespoke home lifts that can be created to complement the identity of your home. Personalisation options are available in size, material, colour and cabin finishes, so you can make your lift as discrete or eye-catching as you wish.

Invest in a stylish front door

Front doors have two key purposes – to invite people in and to keep people out. From a security point of view, a solid and sturdy front door adds an extra level of security. A door that appears to be flimsy and worn out is instantly more attractive to burglars. By contrast, a strong, well-maintained door is a powerful deterrent. 

From an aesthetic perspective, a beautiful front door really lifts the exterior appearance of a house. It’ll grab the attention of your friends and neighbours, and it’ll also increase curb appeal for potential buyers in the future. Why bother making such an effort to your interior if your property doesn’t like nice from the outside. Invest in a door you really adore and create a great first impression.