9 Essential Nursery Furniture and Accessories


Babies hold a very special place in our homes and in our hearts. That is why we make it a point that everything is ready before our little bundle of joy arrives and stays in the nursery. We ensure the baby room is set with essentials, including furniture. Below are the essential furniture and accessories you need for your nursery.

  1. Infant bed 

One piece of furniture you clearly need in your nursery is the infant bed. It’s the focal point in your room. You may want to begin by getting a Moses basket or a bassinet intended for babies from birth to up to five months old. The cradle may be designed to give a rocking motion to help the baby sleep easily.

You can also just skip the bassinet and head on getting a crib or cot. Buying a crib is not a cheap investment, so be sure to find a cot with the right size and features for your baby. Always consider safety, comfort, and budget.

  1. Crib Mattress

Get a firm mattress that fits snugly in the crib. These features are not only comfortable but also safe for your baby. You may also want to invest in a waterproof mattress pad to protect your mattress from molds, diaper leaks, spills, and other fluids. 

  1. Nursing chair

If you want a snug place to bond with your baby while nursing, find a chair for the room. Be sure to get one with a comfortable cushion, supportive armrest, and proper back support. You might want to get a footstool to go with your chair for added comfort. Also, consider a fabric that is easy to clean, especially with spills. A comfortable leather sofa or a microfiber chair can be excellent options. 

  1. Wardrobe

A nursery will not be complete without a wardrobe for baby clothes, crib sheets, and pillowcases. Depending on your preferences, space, and budget, you can choose a cabinet-type, drawer-type, or combination-type wardrobe. For example, cabinets are great if you want to hang some baby clothes and place other baby items on shelves. On the other hand, drawers are convenient for folded clothes and beddings.   

  1. Changing bed 

Changing beds can make diaper changes more accessible, comfortable, and convenient with everything you need just in the same place. You may purchase a changing bed with open shelves or drawers underneath for baby essentials. You can also double your wardrobe drawer or console table as your changing bed so you can save some space. 

  1. Laundry hamper

Make sure you have a laundry hamper in your nursery, preferably right beside your changing bed. This spot makes it more convenient for you to toss dirty baby clothes within reach. There are many laundry hampers to choose from that will match your nursery’s look and color theme.   

  1. Diaper bin

On the other side of your changing bed, place a diaper pail to dispose of soiled diapers. You can get one with a seal or cover, which is more sanitary than open bins. However, always be sure to empty the bin often within the day to keep the nursery clean and stink-free. 

  1. Baby monitor

If it makes you feel more confident and assured, you may want to place a baby monitor in your nursery. Depending on your preferences and budget, there are many types of baby monitors to choose from – from audio or video, wired or wireless, to smartphones as baby monitors. The important thing is that you can monitor your baby for needs when not in the nursery. 

  1. Other nursery essentials

Other essentials you might want to include in your nursery are hanging shelves, toy organizers, bookshelves, and other storage essentials. Just be sure to locate them in walls and areas away from the crib to prevent accidental falling of objects and other accidents.

Being a new parent is not an easy feat. However, preparing for some things before the baby arrives, like equipping your nursery with all the essentials, can make caring for your baby less stressful.  

What do you think of our list? Are there other nursery furniture and accessories we might have missed?