6 of the Most Frightfully Entertaining Halloween Games



Halloween is creeping up on us, ready to give us all a fright! Make this year’s celebrations the best yet by getting the whole family involved and asking their friends to join in the celebrations. Here are some great games for you all to play.

Bobbing for apples

A classic! Fill a large container up with water then fill it with about ten apples. (A children’s paddling pool is a great option for this, especially for larger groups.) Each person takes it in turn to bob their heads over the water and pick up an apple with their teeth – no hands allowed! But who will do it in the quickest time and who will end up with a soaked face?

Pin the face on the pumpkin

Get a huge pumpkin and cut out some facial features using some card and felt tips. Play the game as you would pin the tail on the donkey. Blindfold the player, spin them around and get them to pin the facial feature on the pumpkin. What will it end up looking like: terrifying or hilarious?

Squash bowling

Get a selection of ten butternut squashes and label them one to ten. Line them up like bowling pins and use a small ball, or a round shaped vegetable or fruit, to knock them over. Take this one outside if it’s not too dark.

Ghost stories

There’s nothing more terrifying than turning out the lights and passing a torch to the storyteller of a ghost story. Who will cause the most spooks?

Dead man’s last meal

Make some jelly (dead man’s stomach!) before the party starts and drop in plastic spiders, candy worms and pickled onions (eyeballs!). Then blindfold the player and get them to dig into the jelly then guess what the dead man’s last meal was.

Sleeping monsters

A good one to calm the kids down with at the end of the night. Get everyone to lie down still on the floor and you act as the moderator. When a person moves – they’re out!

Halloween is such a fun holiday, so make the most out of it. Make sure you stock up on candy prizes for the winners and you could even plan your own little scare for everyone.