6 Small Interior Design Changes to Create a More Godly Home


There is nothing quite like walking in your front door and sighing a huge sigh of relief as you walk into the comfort of your own home. Your home is a place you celebrate birthdays, enjoy holidays, and go through life’s biggest moments in. It is a place that you can laugh together, cry together, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Your home is also a place that you can come home to time and time again and find safety, comfort, and a place to unwind and relax. 


Creating an atmosphere within your home that helps you and your family feel connected and comfortable allows everyone to have a safe place to call their own. As Christians, having a home that reflects your faith is incredibly important to live your daily lives glorifying Him. 

Having a home that reflects your style helps you enjoy every time you walk through the front door. You can create a more Godly home by creating an atmosphere that will make your family feel safe, protected, as well as have multiple spaces to grow their faith.

There are multiple ways you can transform a space to reflect your faith, and your family’s missions and dreams. 

Display Bible Verses and Quotes around your Home

Having reminders placed around your home to refocus you when the world seems to be spinning out of control, will help you stay focused on what matters most. Bible Verses placed on your walls or throw pillows with Christian sayings will help to create an area in your home that will always remind you of the importance of your faith every single day. 

You can choose a hanging canvas that displays a Bible verse that will be a constant reminder of hope to you and your family. These simple reminders throughout your home have the power to change the attitude of your day, reminding you of the importance of focusing and redirecting your thoughts. 

Creating an Atmosphere of Hospitality

As Christians, a huge aspect of your faith is creating places to care for and nurture others, including your own family, offering hospitality and encouragement when people need it most. A home that reflects the Christian faith by offering a place for your own family and others to come and unwind as well as rest is important for everyone to take a break from the chaos of life. A few ways you can create an atmosphere of hospitality is by having an open table for others to come enjoy conversation on the good days and on the tough days. Another way is by having a safe space for family to come to whenever they need to relax and rejuvenate away from the chaos of the world. 

Making a Space for Worship 

As you decorate your home it is important to create spaces within your home that serve special purposes. Creating these spaces will allow your home to flow better and keep areas neat and tidy. One way you can do this is devote an area for your morning devotionals that can serve multiple purposes. 

You can create an area that has a comfortable chair and a light that will be a perfect spot to sit with a cup of coffee every morning. Grab a cute basket that will store all of your devotional supplies that you can simply put away when you are done for the day. The same area of your home can be a spot throughout the day to sit back and relax or enjoy conversations with others. 

Creating Reminders for your Children 

There are multiple ways that you can have Godly reminders for your children throughout your home. Decorations such as a hanging canvas with Bible verses can be simple reminders for your kids to read on a daily basis. 

You can display Bible verse in their bedroom that will be reminders of their identity in the Lord and spur them on in their faith on a daily basis.

Equip Yourself with Truth At the Door

When it comes to leaving your home and entering a world of continuous noise and chaos around every corner, providing yourself with truth as you walk out the door will be an incredible foundation to begin your day on. 

Leaving a Bible verse near your door to read as you walk out the door every morning will allow yourself to focus on truth before you leave for the day. 

Display Hymns as Reminders

If there is a certain hymn that strikes a chord with you, displaying it within your home can be a constant source of encouragement and remind you of the hymns word when you need it most. 

There are plenty of hymns to choose from to find the perfect one that resonates with you, your family, and your faith. 

Having Bible verses and Biblical truth scattered around your home allows you to refocus when lies are swarming in your head as well as reminds you of your purpose when you need a nudge of encouragement.