6 Ways to Reduce Your Energy Bills Before Selling Your House


You only have one goal when trying to sell your home. It’s crucial you maximize your profits, which will involve lots of different things. Doing everything you can to reduce your energy bills is one of them even though it sounds strange.

Buyers will be spending a large amount of money, so they’ll want to save some going forwards. A few will ask if they can see your bills, which shouldn’t be a problem. Follow the tips we’re going to discuss today and they’ll be impressed.

1. Sealing up All the Leaks

Electricity providers in Melbourne, New York, and similar cities are particularly lucky. Not only are these populous cities hot in summer, but they are chilly in winter. They end up handing out energy people don’t need. Unfortunately, you can’t blame the energy companies. A homeowner is responsible for stopping the air from escaping. Please don’t focus all your energy on the windows. Air escapes from places like attic hatches and vents too.

2. Unplugging Your Electronics

If you don’t unplug your electronics under normal circumstances it’s not a big deal. You’ll waste lots of money, but it’s not enough to cripple you. It’s a different story when it can knock thousands off the price of your home. We waste about 19 billion dollars worth of energy every year when everything is sitting on standby mode. You were maybe told it was okay to leave things plugged in when you were young, but the person who told you got it wrong.

3. Your Windows Are a Problem

It’s tough trying to fix your window problem when you’re selling your home, but it’s crucial because it can account for up to 25 percent of the energy you waste. If you replace your windows there is a chance you won’t get your money back. The only solution is a trick using low-E film. Instead of buying brand new windows you can use low-E film to coat them, which will accomplish the same thing. It’s a very cheap way to deal with the energy issue.

4. Replacing Your Light Bulbs

Surely you’ve reached the stage where you don’t want to balance on a chair to replace any more light bulbs. You will need to do it one more time if you want to make the switch to LED bulbs, but then you can forget about them. They use up to 80 percent less energy and last up to 25 times longer. You’ll save thousands of dollars over their lifetime. As an added bonus, when potential buyers see them they’ll assume you’ve modernized your entire home.

5. Start Using Smart Gadgets

It’s fair to say the smart thermostat has been the most popular gadget in the world when it comes to saving energy. Changing the temperature of your home while lying in bed is extremely satisfying too. There are probably a lot more gadgets you’ve not heard about yet. Garden water sprinkler systems and shower heads spring to mind. These will definitely add to the appeal of any home, and if you buy them I’m sure you’ll get your money back during the sale.

6. Washing Clothes in Cold Water

If you’re trying to kill bedbugs you should use hot water. The same thing applies if your clothes are very dirty. 90 percent of the time you use your washing machine cold water will suffice. They even have a selection of cold water detergents to choose from. It’s vital because most of the energy goes towards heating the water, whereas very little is used to operate your appliance. People viewing your home won’t see a fancy machine, but the evidence will be your energy bills.

Don’t Forget About These Useful Tips

You only want to use these useful tips to get a higher price for your home, but it doesn’t mean you should forget about them. Once you move into your new home keep using each one to save money on your future energy bills.