7 Easter Craft Activities for Kids


Stuck for ideas on how to keep the kids entertained this Easter? Then break out the art supplies and let them enjoy making these adorable Easter crafts that have been found on the web. Most of them are easy to do but will need parents help with cutting and using hot glue. Now, hop to it!

Easter Egg Balloons
Most children love balloons; a fun, cheap and simple craft idea. To make, all you need to do is simply blow up balloons, choose pastel latex balloons and apply brightly coloured paints in stripe and polka-dot patterns. Don’t forget to let the balloons dry before you let the children play with them, otherwise you will be trying to get paint out of the kids clothes and the furniture for days, if not weeks, even years!


Easter Goodie Bags
If your little ones want to get their friends at school an Easter gift, then why not get them to create personalised goodie bags full with Easter treats. You can buy the Easter treats in bulk and then divide them into cellophane bags and top it with festive decorations. To seal the bag fold squares of fabric over the top of the cellophane bag, layer on a printed label and sew closed.


Bunny Ear Craft
If your children love dressing up, they are sure to enjoy making their own bunny ears to wear over Easter. They are not difficult to make but children might need help when cutting the ears from stiff white felt. Add pink felt inner ears using glue and then run a line of hot glue (adults use only) along the ears bottom edges and stick onto a headband.shutterstock_254920228

Easter Egg People
Your children can replicate the whole family in a form an egg which could be a great ornament for over the Easter period. Using decorative paper, you can cut out details of hair, bow tie, and buttons. Allow your children to get creative and see what they can come up with. Glue the accessories onto hard boiled eggs and stick on googly eyes to make the egg look more realistic! You can find a range of these materials at Artifolk and similar craft shops.

Easter Wreath
Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas. Simple to make, all you need to make the wreath is some yarn and some springtime embellishments to give it the Easter theme you are aiming for. The children can decide on the colours they want the wreath to be. Adults should start and end each yarn colour — use hot glue to secure the yarn ends before and after wrapping. Add the embellishments such as a butterfly and finish it with a cute little bow.