7 Ideas for What to Do With That Spare Room


So you’ve got an extra room and have no clue what to do with it—what a great problem to have! If you’re looking for a unique and practical way to make this extra space usable, read on and create an additional room that works for your hobbies.

A Home Office

This is by far one of the most popular options for those looking to transform a spare room. On the nights when you have to bring home work, you’ll be able to head into your dedicated office space. Free of clutter and distractions, your productivity will go up and your room will be used in a great way. Get a proper desk for your job duties, install some shelving for paperwork that needs sorting, and buy a comfortable plush chair for any business reading you need to catch up on.


Create a library with a modern twist and incorporate interesting wall art and gadgets that will make it your personal oasis. Install a wall unit with plenty of space for your expansive literature collection. For an eye pleaser, arrange your books by color scheme. If practicality is your aim, arrange by author and spend hours revisiting some of your favorite novels in your new reading room. Add in a comfy couch, a lamp that casts the perfect reading glow, and a hot water kettle so you can refill your teacup without interrupting the chapter.

Media Room

If you’re a movie buff and love hosting film nights, convert your extra space into a theater-worthy viewing station. Install the largest flat screen you can afford and buy a surround sound system. With a few plush recliners and a comfy couch, your own theater is available every night. Add a popcorn machine and plug in your games console if you’re a video game addict for a room that won’t disappoint.

Home Gym

Depending on the size of the room, you may have the perfect amount of space to start building your very own home gym. Start out with some inexpensive free weights, and expand from there. Hang mirrors on the walls to help keep you in form and make your room look bigger at the same time. With a little bit of investment to start, you’ll be able to get rid of your gym membership and never use the excuse of inconvenience again. Add in a stereo system so you can pump your favorite beats while sweating it out, or mount a television to keep you entertained on the elliptical.

Play Room

If you’ve got kiddos who love to invite cousins or friends over for playdates, you can easily transform a spare room into the perfect play area. Cover one wall with chalkboard paint, and spread a colorful area rug on the floor. Fill some inexpensive bins with toys that have overflowed from your kids’ bedrooms, and never deal with the clutter of toys all around the house again. Surrender this room to the reign of your children and you’ll find the rest of your house surprisingly spick and span. Once the kids grow out of their toys, you can easily add in a couch and television to the room to make for a teen hangout spot.

Guest Bedroom

If you love to invite out of town family and friends to come stay with you, a guest bedroom is the best bet for your spare room. Repurpose old items around your home to create décor your guests will think is newly store bought. Make your guest room feel like a resort with a bowl of mints, reading materials, and plush towels worthy of the Ritz.

Pet Care

If you’re an animal lover to the nth degree, you’ll love the idea of creating a space specifically for your furry friends. Fill it with toys for your pup or kitten and put a lockable pet gate on the door to keep your animals in a contained space when you have guests over. Throw down a bunch of comfy dog beds and cushions that will be comfortable for your pet, and for you when you’re on the floor playing with them. This room will help you cut down on hair around the house, and your animals will love their very own play room.

Transforming an extra room into a practical space is a great project to tackle this weekend. Think about your favorite things to do, and make a space that caters to your hobbies.