7 Quirky Things for a Fun Party


As opposed to the common belief that all things fun require you to shell out loads of money, a fun party can be arranged in a minimal budget and all that you would need is a few enthusiastic friends. In our busy schedule, we often miss out on catching up with our buddies. Having a lunch once in a while with a few of them might be an excellent idea to catch up. A fun party is often just an excuse to get back together and relive the time of your lives with the ones you care about the most. Here are a few quirky ideas for a fun party either with your close friends or a college fresher where you are going to meet and bond with all the new and fresh faces or a gathering of people from your workplace. Also, don’t forget to order the party essential, a delicious customised cake according to your preferences from India Cakes.


Organise a treasure hunt or a scavenger hunt

A treasure hunt is the go-to game of every college fest but to organise something as cool as a treasure hunt would not only quirk up your party but also bring in the joy of team spirit and winning. Instead of merely collect items, you can also put up tasks in your list of fun activities that will lead you to the next step. This game never gets old.

Set up an inhouse bar

Instead of taking the responsibility of mixing drinks and making cocktails for the guest, let the bar be open and allow your friends to create their signature drinks by mixing and matching and offering it to the others. Composing drinks will not only allow everyone to have a taste of everyone’s secret recipes but will help the newcomers to loosen up and enjoy bonding over a drink that somebody else might like or shake a leg or two to the music in the background.

Backyard games

If you have a spacious backyard, you can always play outdoor games such as tennis and volleyball along with your friends. Instead of huddling up in the house and doing the usual music and drinks, this one is a popular alternative. To make it a lot more fun and scrumptious, you can also set up a barbeque or grill and roast meat and have a mini picnic outside. 

Tattoo Booth

One of the quirkiest ways to have fun and enjoy with your friends irrespective of their gender and the stereotypes that we often subconsciously carry with us is having a makeshift tattoo booth at your party. Instead of hiring a real tattoo artist and ending up with actual tattoos, you can always have henna, sticker tattoos or other temporary body art. However, always make sure to check the paints and whether they are sensitive to the skin or not before using them on someone not to end up in the emergency room with an acute allergic reaction. 

Drama Night

No bonding session can be as good as a group of friends doing something and presenting it together. The best way to surprise the rest of your friends can be by putting up a play for them in which you’ve not only acted but also scripted and directed it all together. It always turns out well, and if it doesn’t, at least you will have a reason for a good laugh in parties for the years to come. It is all about making memories rather than just doing it right or perfect.

Rap battle

Movies have been made on something as fun as this! And in an informal setting with people you love and people you know this is bound to be the most exciting party ever. You can set your own ground rules and what is a fun party without some cheating to win anyway. 

There are multiple ways and multiple games that you can play at a party irrespective of the age group that you belong to. A fun party doesn’t always mean that it should involve alcohol. It can also be about merely bonding with new people and catching up with old friends. But by doing quirky activities in a fun party setting, it can often help people lose their inhibitions and expose their hidden talents in the unique fields in unexpected circumstances. And last but definitely not the least, when you’re tired but still want to have fun, no matter how old you are, build a fort of pillows and sit down and share horror stories. Time and otherworldly beings will pass you by without you even realising it!