7 San Francisco Attractions You Can’t Miss


San Francisco has long been a tourist hot spot, with visitors from around the globe taking in the sights and enjoying the laidback vibe. It’s an American city like no other, with plenty of attractions to explore. Here are seven of the best.


The Golden Gate Bridge

Your first stop should be a trip to the most iconic landmark which stretches an impressive 1.7 miles across. For the perfect holiday photo, travel to the south parking lots which have special viewing areas. Alternatively, take the pedestrian walkway which covers the entire length and offers spectacular views of the ocean.

Fisherman’s Wharf

Attracting millions of tourists every year, this waterfront neighborhood is crammed with great seafood restaurants, shops and family friendly entertainment. Don’t miss one of the best attractions at PIER 39 on the West Marina. This is home to a group of resident sea lions that aren’t afraid to showboat for visitors.

Cobb’s Comedy Club

Located in the city’s North Beach area, Cobb’s has been a local favorite since opening its doors back in 1982. Many of the country’s best comedians have graced the stage with performances seven days a week. Be sure to arrive early as the venue is first-come first-served.


This neighborhood has since become one of the city’s major landmarks. It’s also the largest Chinatown in the world outside of Asia. Take a step through the impressive entrance known as ‘Dragon’s Gate’ and you can expect a feast for the senses. Stop and grab some food at one of the many dim sum restaurants and be sure to visit the Chinese Cultural Center.

Filbert Street Steps

As you scale this iconic staircase, you’ll feel like a true San Franciscan. These 400 steps are located on Telegraph Hill which is lined with beautiful houses and lush greenery. Take a break or enjoy a picnic at one of the public gardens which are maintained by the residents.



No trip to Frisco would be complete without visiting the notorious prison, known affectionately as ‘The Rock’. You’ll hop aboard a short ferry to the island with guided tours giving visitors the chance to explore the old cells and grounds.

Union Square

Shopaholics will love this downtown plaza which is one of liveliest parts of the city. The most luxurious San Francisco hotels and other places to stay sit alongside boutique shops and high end designers. There’s also no shortage of cool restaurants and jazz clubs which stay open into the early hours.

If you’re planning a holiday to the city by the bay, take time to visit these attractions for an unforgettable experience!

Images by Tim Benedict Pou and Dream Sailors, used under Creative Commons license.