7 Simple and Affordable Ways to Revive your Outworn Accessories


Accessories are an important part of any outfit. Adding trendy fashion accessories with your dress can spice up your appearance and make you look chic.

Whether you’re out shopping with your friends or enjoying a casual dinner, smart and affordable fashion accessories complement your look. They let you show off your unique style. You can easily create different looks by pairing the right outfit with the right accessories for different occasions.

Finding the right accessories that are affordable can be challenging. If you are on a budget and don’t want to spend a lot of money, then reusing your outworn accessories is the way to go.

There are simple and affordable ways to revive your outworn accessories and make them look new. Let’s take a look at seven simple ways to enhance your used accessories and give them life.

  1. Eyewear 

Sunglasses and eyewear frames are the most popular accessory to spice up your look. They aren’t just for blocking out UV light and protecting your eyes. They complement your face and bring out your personality.

Glasses are very expensive. Thankfully, it doesn’t take much money to breathe new life into an old pair of glasses. Ask your favorite optometrist to put new lenses in old frames, and they are good to go. There are many optic stores that provide this service. Overnight Glasses, Eyeglasses.com, Lensabl, Lens Crafters, etc., are a few names to mention.

  1. Belts

Belts are an outfit’s most important accessory. A belt can be worn with a casual outfit, a business outfit, or even as nightwear. In terms of fashion accessories, belts are the best for highlighting your waist. To revive an old belt, use petroleum jelly and alcohol mixture. Spread the mixture on the belt. Don’t use too much jelly to soften the tense belt fibers, as too much will leave a sticky, gooey mess. Let the belt dry before use. Another great way to spruce up the look is to unsnap the old buckle and remove it.  Replace it with a new shiny buckle to give it a new look.

  1. Hats

Wearing a hat is a great way to express your fashion sense. Keeping your hats wrinkle-free and clean is key to ensuring a sharp, crisp appearance. Keeping your hats in good condition will let you use them for a longer period of time.

You can make your old hats look new by cleaning them carefully at home. Begin by carefully washing and drying the hat with a brush and a shampoo. After rinsing it, take a towel and give it a round shape similar to the head. Place the cap over it and spray the hat with hairspray. This will help hat gain shape and a little volume. Let it dry for a few hours. Remove the towel once it’s dried up. Now you have a hat that looks new.

  1. Scarves

 Scarves are beautiful pieces of clothing. They instantly enhance the look of an outfit and make it look stylish. Once you are tired of wearing the same old scarf, it needs sprucing up. There are various ways you can make your old scarf look new.

Adding fringes and tassels is a pocket-friendly way to give any scarf a new life. You only need a colorful thread and a pair of scissors to seamlessly attach the tassel  2-3 inches apart on the edges. You can use different colored threads to make your scarf look exquisite.

5. Wallet

Over time, the wallet, like anything, wears out. There’s still hope to revive your wallet, though. You can paint the wallet and give it a fresh look at home. Begin by cleaning the wallet using a non-scented baby wipe. Apply a leather conditioner to hydrate the leather using a lint-free cloth. Apply Acrylic leather paint using a flat paintbrush. This white leather paint is a base, so the color you want to achieve later will pop out. Let it dry completely between coats. Use painting tape to cover the hardware and the part that does not need paint. You will need 2-3 coats of the color you want it to look like. Seal the paint with a leather sealer.

6. Watches

An affordable way to freshen up the look of a watch is to switch its current band with a new band. Many options are available. They range from canvas, rubber, nylon, leather to stainless steel. You don’t have to buy a whole other watch if your current one is a little more worn out. Replacing a watch band is a great way to transform your old watch into a statement piece.

7. Hairclips

 Hair clips are a necessary and functional tool for your hair needs. They are not only great for keeping your hairstyle in place but also adorn them with pretty designs. You can insert, wrap, tie or twist any hair accessory. To give your old hair clips a better and new look, use ribbons, wool, and beads. You can use foam sheets to cut out the shape of the hair clips and add stones and beads on top of it. Make sure to use super glue for sticking the designs with clips. Clips made up of ribbons can also be stitched using thread and needles for longer life.