7 Women’s Fashion Must-Haves for Holiday Travel 


If you’re like almost half of Americans who plan to travel by plane this holiday season, you’ve got even more on your Christmas list than those who are staying home. While the holidays are a magical time of year, they come with plenty of to-do lists and added stress to make the magic happen. Don’t let what you need to pack for your holiday travel plans be part of that stress. Keep reading for all the women’s fashion Essentials to celebrate this holiday in style away from home.

Layering Pieces 

No matter what time of year you travel, layering pieces are essential whether you’re on a plane, train, or road trip. But, the holidays fall during winter, making them even more critical. Packing an oversized scarf that can double as a blanket on the plane, a weatherproof puffer jacket can double in the rain, snow, or chilly weather. Having layers en route will ensure you’re comfortable from takeoff to touchdown.

Dark Denim

Whether you’re a fan of light wash, medium wash, or dark denim, if you’re only going to bring one pair of jeans on your holiday trip, they should be a dark wash. While light-washed jeans are viewed as more casual, a dark wash can keep you up to the dress code in clubs and even fine-dining restaurants. Dark denim pairs perfectly with neutral colors, bright, and everywhere in between. It doesn’t matter if you wear skinny, straight leg, or flare, but the dark wash is a must.

Trendy Tops 

So many photos and selfies are taken during holiday gatherings, and you want to look your best while visiting friends and family out of town. Whether you wear straight or plus size tops, making sure they’re on trend is essential for standing out in your pictures. The holidays are a great time to maximize on tops with fun embellishments, like oversized puff sleeves, pearl detailing, and even full sequin tops. Tops are an affordable way to switch up your look and your wardrobe, so pack as many as you want this year.

Cowboy Boots 

While cowboy boots come in and out of fashion, right now, they are “in” and seem to have serious staying power. Some cowboy boots are more traditional, while others are knee-high, white, and bedazzled with rhinestones and pearls. The great thing about cowboy boots that makes them essential is they are comfortable to walk in but can still dress up a mini dress. They work well with jeans and t-shirts and are fine at a country club. Cowboy boots will keep you comfortable and on-trend no matter what holiday gatherings you attend on your trip.

Gold Jewelry 

All that glitters is gold and the holiday season is all about glitter and twinkling! One way to sparkle on your trip is through gold jewelry. A chunky gold neck chain, a solid gold wrist cuff, and gold hoop earrings pair perfectly with casual outfits and elevated looks. If you don’t already own gold jewelry, you can always go with costume jewelry, as it’s more affordable. Fine gold jewelry also makes an excellent addition to your Christmas list if anyone asks what you want this year.

Oversized sunglasses

While it’s important to celebrate responsibly, a lot of celebrating happens during the holidays. Some mornings after, there isn’t enough under-eye concealer in the world to hide the late night you just had. Oversized sunglasses can help you run last-minute holiday errands, show up for brunch, and do any other activity still in style. Whether you go designer or fast fashion doesn’t matter, but oversized is essential!

Your LBD 

While it’s tempting to run out and buy a new dress for Christmas or New Year’s Eve, if you already own your version of an LBD (little black dress), it’s worth bringing on your trip. A little black dress doesn’t have to be little or black, but it should be a piece that you know looks great on you and makes you feel confident. Having this go-to wardrobe piece can take the decision fatigue out of wondering what to wear on a special night. Nothing looks as good as confidence, and your LBD should always make you confident.

By adding the above fashion Essentials to your suitcase, you’ll be sure to celebrate the holidays this year and style no matter where you are! Happy holidays and happy trails!