8 Reasons to Visit South Africa Now


South Africa is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the African continent. On top of the many attractions that the country has to offer, South Africa is fortunate to have amazing weather most of the year. The summers provide mood-boosting sunshine and the winters are not too extreme. Apart from the weather, you will also have a great chance to enjoy some time with some of the most hospitable people in the world. They love their culture and they don’t mind sharing it with visitors.

Here are eight reasons to visit South Africa now:

1. Rich history

For people who are keen on learning history, this is one of those countries with a compelling history. From the Apartheid Museum to the Constitutional Court, there is no shortage of opportunities to learn about a country that has been through it all.

2. Food and wine culture

South Africa only attained its independence in 1994. The colonial times had a lot of influence on the South African food culture. So whether you are from the US, Europe or Asia, you are definitely going to enjoy some of the delicacies on offer. As for the wine, the numerous vineyards and wineries near Cape Town have some of the best wine you’ll ever taste.

3. No language barrier

Almost everyone in South Africa speaks English in addition to all the other official languages. As a person from an English speaking country, this should make your stay there much easier. It might also be an opportunity for you to learn some of the local dialects.

4. Adventure

For thrill seekers, this is the dream destination. For example, if you opt to take a flymango flight, you can reach a good number of locations in the country, which will give you an opportunity to do a lot within a short period. From the amazing beaches, Shark Cage Diving to mountain climbing you will enjoy South Africa.

5. The people

Among the countries that are loved because of their people, this one is up there. South Africans are some of the friendliest people you will interact with. They enjoy sharing their amazingly rich culture and their accent will fascinate you. If you love music, be ready for the musical ride of your life.

6. Value for money

Everyone who goes on vacation knows that accommodation takes a considerable chunk of the entire budget. Fortunately, in South Africa, it’s easy to find cozy guesthouses or family-run lodges that will give you the best value for your money but still make it feel like a real holiday pampering.

7. Safari

Whether it’s taking private tours or driving through a vast game reserve (Kruger National Park), this is the ultimate safari country. And you can go for as many game drives as you wish because there are so many lodges for you to stay overnight before embarking on your next expedition.

8. Advanced infrastructure

Having hosted the Soccer World Cup in 2010, the infrastructure upgrade that was meant to cater to the hundreds thousands of visitors that year has elevated the country’s infrastructure a huge deal. The roads are in great shape, you can access your money from an ATM from virtually anywhere and Wi-Fi and mobile phone networks are excellent.

When a country has so much to offer, it comes as no surprise when the number of visitors rises steadily over time. The government deserves a lot of credit for making South Africa such an incredible tourist destination. From the look of things, this is going to be the place to visit for the foreseeable future.