A Great Deal For Remote Workers to Remedy Their Poor Mobile Connection


Working from home is more than a fad, a perks package, or a band-aid solution to the current COVID-19 pandemic. Many companies are transitioning to permanent work-from-home roles, indicating that remote work is here to stay. It has become the new normal for millions of employees in Canada and around the world. As employees adjust to this new virtual workplace, it is clear that technical requirements will play a significant role in the success of work-from-home positions.

The most important thing you need to succeed in remote work positions as a work-from-home employee is a strong internet and mobile connection. This will enable you to finish your work, collaborate with colleagues, and will lead you to better communicate with clients and customers.

It is possible to have grainy video calls, long download times, and communication issues if you do not have a strong internet or mobile signal.

The mobile connection also matters when working remotely. If you by any chance lack mobile reception, then you should not feel frustrated and follow these 3 important tips to improve your mobile signal:

  • For a Poor Signal, Use a Wifi Instead

If you are looking to improve the speed of your mobile connection while working remotely, using WiFi is a great idea. Most homes have fast enough broadband to support WiFi calling. 

There is no discernible difference between making a call via Skype and what most mobile operators refer to as ‘WiFi calling.’ It’s just a phone call that uses the internet rather than the mobile phone network.

There are, of course, numerous alternatives to Skype, including Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Google Duo, and FaceTime. So, if you’re already chatting with someone on one of those services, you can call them over WiFi from within your app of choice.

  • Change Your Mobile Network

It might seem extreme, but if you consistently have poor mobile signals at home, consider switching to a different provider. Other mobile networks will solve the problem of receiving a bad signal while working.

It’s surprisingly simple to switch networks (you can now text to switch networks), and it’s also simple to keep your current phone number. Use their respective coverage checkers to find out a different network for a better mobile signal.

  • Use Mobile Phone Signal Booster

If you don’t want to switch networks and can’t rely on WiFi calling, a signal booster may be useful. Many network providers offer signal booster devices. Either hardware or software, the signal booster that uses your home WiFi connection and strengthens your mobile reception. However, signal boosters are not only for WiFi connection.

As homes are not the only location for remote workers, the solution of using a signal booster when you are not home, can not help you much, or not at all. So getting a 4G signal booster is ideal if you happen to switch your working location as a remote worker.

By using this signal booster you can receive the weak signal and then make it stronger for your purposes. All those blocking or limitations on your signal from buildings, trees, and other obstructions will not be an issue anymore. All you need for your work to be done on time and efficiently, no matter where you are located, is a reliable signal and faster data speed, which you get with a 4G mobile booster.