A Quick Read on Inset Cabinets


No matter the style or era of the kitchen, classic inset cabinets are surely an upgrade that will add value, function, and character. 

In this guide, find out everything about inset cabinets and how they are beneficial for any kitchen.

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What are inset cabinets?

Inset cabinets can be used in many styles, from contemporary kitchens to historic kitchens. The work of skilled artisans during the Georgian and Victorian eras inspired the style of these cabinets. Kitchen designers and the general public are both reviving their interest in inset cabinets, and some homeowners prefer cabinets with quartz countertops. 

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Doors and drawers on inset cabinetry are designed to fit inside the openings in the frame of the cabinet. With only a little space or gaps between the cabinet components, this style of cabinet construction allows for a complete view of the cabinet frame.

Types of inset kitchen cabinets

Flush inset cabinets

The hinge of the door is completely hidden inside when the door is closed. It is also sometimes referred to as a built-in hidden closet. It is more elegant and very popular with many different homeowners around the world because the hinge is not visible.

Beaded cabinets

This is the exact opposite of built-in kitchen cabinetry. Instead of hiding the hinges, they protrude from one side of the frame. Exposed hinges are used as decorative elements in a positive sense. So when the cabinet door is closed, the decorative hinges stick out to add aesthetic value.

Partial inset cabinets

These are sometimes referred to as partially layered kitchen cabinets. Cabinet doors do not align with the front frame. In other words, the door sits on top of the front of the case, with the doors only 1 inch apart. It is preferred because it is profitable. If the budget doesn’t allow for built-in kitchen cabinets, partially built-in cabinets are a perfect choice.

Framed cabinets

This is the most popular type of fitted kitchen cabinet. Fitted, flanged, and partially fitted cabinets can all be framed. The built-in cabinets are more popular than frameless built-in cabinets due to their low construction and installation cost.

Frameless cabinets

The frameless design is not as popular due to the additional cost involved. In addition, designing a frameless built-in closet requires great skill and a high level of artistry, contributing to high manufacturing and installation costs.

Why are inset cabinets perfect for any kitchen?

Clean lines, flush inset doors, and elements that can alter the appearance of a typical cabinet with a full overlay door are all features of inset cabinetry. With inset cabinets, homeowners can customize the style to harmonize the kitchen with the interior decor of their home. An edge feature that suggests high craftsmanship is provided by the beaded inset structure, which is incorporated into the cabinet door itself. 

Some advantages of built-in closets are that they give a very clean look, unlike full-level closets. In addition, the face frame can be styled with beaded or non-beaded frames, adding more detail to the look. When it works in conjunction with the style of door chosen, this look can be very satisfying and help set the kitchen apart from the rest.

Do inset cabinets cause homeowners to lose space?

With the installation of inset cabinets, homeowners are sure to lose a little space equal to the depth of the box. This can be a problem for families having large bowls and plates.

The doors are inside the frame, not outside. Homeowners lose an amount equal to the thickness of their closet door. 

If there are large utensils and boxes in the cupboard, this can become a problem. Homeowners should first measure and compare their existing items and storage space. However, built-in closets can save space if homeowners don’t use the full depth of their cabinets. Not only do they stand out less than a wall, but they also aren’t that big.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of inset cabinets:



In the past, inset cabinets weren’t as sturdy as their framed counterparts (modern construction innovation has changed this). So, inset cabinets were achieved without sacrificing durability by flush mounting the cabinet doors to the frame.

Utilizing any style

Any style looks well with inset cabinets. The fact that elaborate conventional doors are built on a frame makes them look right at home. Shaker or flat panel doors in transitional or contemporary styles will look fantastic.

Custom cabinets

Inset cabinets don’t come in a semi-finished or stock version. If there were, it would disintegrate. Cabinets must be constructed with the best materials, care, and attention for the doors, drawers, hinges, and fasteners to meet the builder’s warranty.

Clean look

The smooth front gives off a clean appearance, and because the corners are shielded by the cabinetry when it is closed, they won’t be as readily scratched.

Better craftsmanship

These cabinets are typically nicely crafted overall since inset doors require more installation skills.


Less storage space

Homeowners are likely to lose a small bit of storage in their cabinets and drawers because the doors are inset. This isn’t much of a problem with today’s improvements in cabinet layout and personalized storage options, but if one has a smaller kitchen, it can matter.

Increased maintenance needs

Even inset cabinets of the best quality could occasionally need some maintenance over the course of their existence. The way the doors and drawers “sit” in those frames will gradually change as a result of house settlement, tectonic shifts, and general wear and tear. To keep their homes looking tidy and functional, the majority of homeowners will occasionally hire a professional carpenter to reset the doors and drawers.

Everything you need to know about inset cabinets — Summing up

Inset cabinets can be a timeless addition to any home. In addition, they can improve the aesthetic appeal of both the new and remodelled kitchens. With the availability of options to custom builds, inset cabinets have something all homeowners are sure to love.