Absolutely Amazing Ways To Reuse Bicycle Wheels In Home Decor


The wheels don’t always have to help us to move around but they can serve us other purposes as well. In this article I have collected some of the best ideas that are going to inspire you to get down to work and make some of them. Scroll down through the photos below and take a look at the Absolutely Amazing Ways To Reuse Bicycle Wheels In Home Decor. There are some very creative ways to repurpose them! Find Your favorite ones!


Bike Wheel Clock

As soon as you see the shape of the wheel and you the idea of turning it into clock immediately comes to mind. You will get the coolest clock in the neighborhood in no time and with little money!

Image via designpab.blogspot.mk

Outdoor Bicycle Wheel Chandelier

This design will perfectly fit in your yard especially if you like to spend your nights outside. The candle chandelier will make the ambiance relaxed and enjoyable, and this will be the best DIY craft you have ever made for sure!

Image via hgtv.com

Bike Wheel Table

If you miss a table and you are not feeling like spending money on a new one, you can always reuse the parts from your old bike and turn them into a table. It’s an easy craft that doesn’t require much special skills!

Image via oldfoxcycling.com

Pans And Pots Bicycle Wheel Holder

When it comes to kitchen storage we are always bothered with finding a right solution for storing the pots and pans. They can create a big mess, so the bicycle wheel can be put to a good use. Just hang it on the ceiling and you will get an open storage solution for all your kitchen utensils.

Image via mpora.com

Recycled BMX Bike Wheel Mirror

The bike wheel can be used for a mirror frame. If you want to have unusual and original items in your home, this is definitely the perfect DIY idea for you.

Image via etsy.com

Bicycle Wheel Flower Chandelier

If you are hosting a party soon, you probably want to decorate your space in the best possible way. Well, you are going to fall in love with the Bicycle Wheel Flower Chandelier because it looks totally cute and adorable.

Image via hgtv.com

Art Bicycle Wheel

Image via styleathome.blogspot.mk

Door Wreath

Image via dianarambles.com

Photo Display

Image via woohome.com

Clothes Rack Made Of Bike Wheels

This is a design that is super functional and useful. If you like open storage ideas you will love it and you can display your most frequently worn clothes here, so they can be within the reach of the hand. You can also use it for hanging wet close, and use it as a dryer storage. How do you prefer to use it?

Image via webviralistas.info

Wheel Chandelier

It can create a great shadow pattern and make a perfect atmosphere in the room.

Image via oldfoxcycling.com

Bicycle-Wheels Used As Table Legs

Image via gradiz.ru

Wheel Lamp

Image via designmag.it

What’s your favorite design that you wish to make soon? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks for staying with us and enjoy the rest of your day!