Adding a Touch of Vintage to a Modern Home


When it comes to interior design for our homes, it may be true that there are a few rules or guides that we should all take note of, such as colour schemes or accessorising accordingly. For example, we all know that light colours will make a room appear larger and darker shades often have the opposite effect. However, the beauty of interior design is that rules can be broken, and essentially you have the creative freedom to do what you want with your own home.

While we see new interior design trends coming through every year, including Scandinavian influences and new colour palettes to play with, there’s no written rule that says you must stick to the biggest trends when it comes to redecorating. Depending on your personal style, you can play around with any mix of texture, pattern and colour that takes your fancy. From bringing your home together with a specific style to contrasting rooms entirely, your home is enhanced with your unique take on décor.

One of the most popular ways to add a distinctive touch to your home is to mix styles on purpose, to create an eclectic appearance to your home that works perfectly. After all, who says you should stick to one time period, or one style of interior design? If you’re intrigued by the idea of mixing different elements of style together, here is just a little bit of inspiration to help you achieve it.

Creating Your Own Unique Décor

When it comes to creating an individual design for your home, there is no doubt you’ll carry out hours of research and looking at pictures to help you reach your ideal image. It’s safe to say that you may need a helping hand in getting the balance of styles right.

Enhancing your home and bringing out its potential is easy if you can get the balance of interior design correct. Being able to embrace a combination of looks can create a truly one-of-a-kind space for you and your family to take advantage of. From past experiences, letting one style dominate while the other serves to accentuate it is one of the most seamless ways to include various approaches to your décor.

Weaving in different layers of design creates a dynamic effect in each room of your home, allowing you to relax surrounded by a subtle mix of appearances. Setting this guideline for yourself can open up a world of possibilities; here are just a few of them to get you started.

Contemporary With a Touch Of Classic

The most popular balance of this approach is to adopt a mostly contemporary décor scheme, with hints of vintage placed cleverly around the space you’re working with. Whether you would prefer it to work in harmony and closely match, or you would rather everything contrasted for a varied mix, is entirely down to you and the pieces that you choose. Your vintage pieces could be strewn across the room in an understated manner, or they may even become the focal point of the room.

So how do you achieve this? Pairing opposing styles works very well; for example, your dining table and chairs. Having a traditional, wooden table with modern dining chairs is a perfect example of a balanced interior design scheme. With the two styles complementing each other, it proves to be an eye-catching feature and probably something not seen many times before. Similarly, this could also work if you have a home office or study. Choosing a classic study desk with an ergonomic, contemporary chair mixes textures and colours perfectly.

In a modern living room, a touch of vintage could come from placing a traditional rug in the middle of the floor. Simple and contrasting to the rest of the room, it creates an unrivalled combination of texture and pattern. Oriental rugs add a touch of timeless luxury, while the overall modern appearance of the room ensures nothing feels outdated. Enriching the room’s décor, this is a guaranteed way of combining modern and vintage styles beautifully.

If vintage furniture interests you, why not opt for a vintage dresser used as storage in the kitchen or dining room? Cabinets and wardrobes are great for both a functional purpose as well as mixing interesting style and decorative accents.

Another way to give a full dose of elegance is to add a retro style chair designed by the world’s leading furniture designer to your living room. The Mid-century or Scandinavian design will give you the blast from the past.