Adorable DIY Thanksgiving Mason Jar Crafts That Will Melt Your Hearts


We have already started to share with you some tips about the upcoming Thanksgiving in order to get you ready to welcome it. Did you take a look at the FESTIVE 15+ DIY THANKSGIVING DECORATIONS THAT YOU HAVE TO SEE? Now you can see the Adorable DIY Thanksgiving Mason Jar Crafts That Will Melt Your Hearts. We all know that you love to make DIY projects that involve jars, so we have collected some pretty great ideas! You can use the mason jars in tons of different ways and for different purposes. Scroll down through the photos below and find the perfect design for you!

When serving the dinner, you don’t have to set the table completely. Instead, you can put all of the cutlery pieces separately in jars which you will previously decorate in the Thanksgiving spirit. This is a great way to set the holiday tone!

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Are you lover of ice cream sticks and jars? Put those two together and use themfor this holiday. Everyone can write the things that they are thankful for on them. It’s a great bonding activity that will put all members closer.

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What do you say about making this cookie jar where you can store all the delicious Thanksgiving cookies?

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Make these cool jars with Thanksgiving messages for your yard if you are hosting your party outdoors!

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Would you like to have a special big jar that will serve you as a storage unit?

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I really love Thanksgiving because they are so many representatives of fall and the holiday that you could use to decorate everything. How do you like the candle holders below?

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Use lots of jars to express your thanksgiving message to everyone by writing a single letter on each jar. Add pumpkins for a better final look!

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You can also use fall leaves to decorate the festive candle holders!

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The fall and thanksgiving colors are so warm and will give a welcoming and relaxing look of your home. Combine them in a great way and see the magic they can make!

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Decorate a jar in the thanksgiving spirit and express your gratitude on pieces of paper.

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Make a turkey out of paper and stick to the jar, and use it as an adorable decorative piece fo this holiday.

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Even your kids can give you a hand to make these cute jar decorations, and they will be so happy to take part in the crafts.

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The corn containers look just awesome, don’t they?

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Which is your favorite way to decorate the jars in the thanksgiving spirit? Mine is the one below. It’s so classy and stylish!

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Would you like to serve the food in jars? If not you can think about putting the leftovers later in them!

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How do you like these Thanksgiving mason jar crafts? Share your comments below!