Festive 15+ DIY Thanksgiving Decorations That You Have To See


Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and here we are with some daily inspiration that will help you get ready for the upcoming holiday. Thanksgiving is the day when the whole family gathers to say thank you for everything they are grateful for, so the setting in the home should be welcoming and comforting. Check out the Festive 15+ DIY Thanksgiving Decorations That You Have To See and bring the holiday magic inside your home. I’m sure that you are going to love to make some of the decorations since they are easy-to-make and really cheap. They won’t cost you a fortune and still your home will look amazing for the holiday. Scroll down and see what I’m talking about!

Kids Thanksgiving Decorations

Kids have lots of fun when they are involved in DIY projects, so it’s the perfect time of the year to give them some assignements to make decorations for the kids table. They will be so excited to use crayons to make some adorable decorative pieces!

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Image via skiptomylou.org
Thanksgiving Candle Holders

If you were thinking about making some Thanksgiving candle holders I have got the perfect idea for you. Get several glass bottles, fill them with different corn and grains and just add the candles at the top. Make sure you choose candles in yellow, red and orange.

Image via mtmoosic.com
Thanksgiving Glasses Decor

There’s a way to add a special charm to the glasses as well. If you are celebrating the holiday outdoors we suggest you to use plastic glasses, otherwise go for glass ones. Use colored paper to make these adorable glass turkeys that will put a smile at everyone’s faces.

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Pumpkin Thanksgiving Decor

Pumpkins are an inevitable decoration for the fall, so why don’t you use some miniature ones to write the word THANKS on them? I really like the idea. What about you?

Image via acquiredobjects.blogspot.mk
Corn Thanksgiving Decor

It’s fall and it’s Thanksgiving, so that means lots of corns. With their help you can make some unique decorations that can’t be found in the stores. I bet that everyone will compliment you on the good ideas and will be asking you where you have got them from.

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Thanksgiving Banners and Signs

Your home should be filled with lots of banners and signs that say thanks. Get some ideas from the photos below.

Image via thefrugalhomemaker.com
Image via handmadeintheheartland.com
Image via polkadothomee.com
Turkey Thanksgiving Decorations

As the tradition implies we have to eat turkey on Thanksgiving day, so the turkey decorations are a must too. There are so many different ways in which you can make one, so see which design catches your attention the most.

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Image via stylisheve.com
Thanksgiving Jars

What do you say about these awesome jar Thanksgiving decorations? I’m in love with them!

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Image via blogarama.com

Don’t forget to send me photos from your DIY projects and how they look in your Thanksgiving setting!