All seasons capsule wardrobe: gathering striking pieces on a budget


Do you want to stop wearing the same favorites and overlooking those beautiful clothes stored in the back of the closet? Do you want to treat all your clothing articles equally? Do you need to organize your chaotic life? Do you plan to up your fashion game, but you do not know where to start? Do you prefer to put more accent on usability and sustainability when it comes to your wardrobe? Most importantly, do you know how to spend less money on clothes without giving up on your unique style? If the answer to all or at least a part of the questions mentioned above is “yes”, then you should definitely consider building an all seasons capsule wardrobe. You will no longer have to deal with all the annoying clutter, you will suddenly realize that you have more to wear, you will be able to live a stress-free life because you will not have to make as much fashion decisions and you will understand the importance of quality. Moreover, it represents a challenge that you can face successfully.

Common mistakes associated with building a capsule wardrobe

Even though this article should act as a guide and help you build that perfect year-round capsule wardrobe, you should also be aware that every person is different, from all points of view, which means that a piece of clothing might be ideal for a woman and unflattering for another woman. Therefore, the pieces of advice included in the article are universal, meant to suit everyone’s needs and preferences. For instance, there are some common mistakes that most people make when deciding to update their personal style or build an all seasons capsule wardrobe that you should avoid. These mistakes refer to forgetting about or neglecting the importance of accessories, not sorting out the existing clothes and making room for new ones, staying away from thrifted pieces, thinking that a simple closet will not help you to differentiate from others, not picking a color palette and not having staple pieces with eye-catching details. Other mistakes include not planning ahead the great change, being afraid to step outside the box, copying someone else’s personal style and capsule wardrobe.

Steps that you need to follow when creating a capsule wardrobe

After identifying the main mistakes that you should avoid, you probably wonder about the cost-effective gathering and proper wearing of striking clothing articles and accessories, but also about how to put together a comprehensive capsule wardrobe. Well, there are a few steps that you need to follow in this regard. First, you must explore various capsule wardrobes out there and live with the fact that, instead of expanding your wardrobe, this time you have to thin it down. Secondly, you have to set your own rules or goals matching your personal style because this will prevent you from creating a capsule wardrobe identical with one of those viewed online. After you envision your new wardrobe, you can take action and remove all the unnecessary things from your closet. Of course, you do not have to throw them all away; instead, you can choose to donate them and even give some of them to friends or family members. Regardless, of what you choose to do with them, all you have to keep in mind during this whole time is to reduce, reduce, reduce.

Filling in the gaps: purchase new items strategically

Deciding what should stay and what should go away can be very difficult, but all you have to do is answer a few important questions like “will I be wearing this six months or even a year from now?”, “is this clothing article truly one of my favorites?” and “is the quality of this piece worth a place in my closet?”. Sooner than expected, you will realize that most of your clothes are gone and the closet is half empty. This only means one thing: you have to move on to the next step, which refers to filling in the gaps. Since you no longer have as much clothing articles to wear, you have to go on a shopping spree. However, it has to be a strategic or smart shopping spree because the entire purpose of a capsule wardrobe is to save money. If you think that you cannot put together an impressive new collection of quality clothes without breaking the bank, think again. Many people out there succeeded to update their wardrobe on a tight, even non-existent budget as so can you.

Learn how to mix and match like a pro

The well-kept secrets that helped all those people up their fashion game refer to staying up to date with end-of-seasons ales, shopping at consignment stores, engaging in DIY projects to create unique handmade accessories and becoming a pro at mixing and matching. If you do want to invest good money in staple pieces, at least make sure that you opt for classic shapes and colors. Furthermore, you have to learn the importance of details and the secrets behind making it seem like you never wear the same piece twice (even though you do). You probably noticed at some point that you keep wearing the same outfits, which makes you look uninspired and dull in what concerns your fashion choices, not to mention that some people most likely believe that you do not have enough money to invest in new pieces or that you do not care, which is even worse because it makes you look sloppy in their eyes. In order to revamp your style, you should start choosing a simple clothing article and thinking about numerous ways to combine and accessorize it.

Consequently, building an all seasons capsule wardrobe demands a few simple steps, namely seeing, which refers to taking out all your clothes, accessories and shoes and evaluating them, sorting, which refers to identifying those items that need to go and those that need to stay because they are of superior quality or there are your favorites pieces and purchasing new items, which refers to starting with the basics that should be present in any closet and continuing with the rest, according to your preferences.