Amazing tips to maintain a healthy and flourishing money plant in your home


We all want health and prosperity in our homes and are always looking for ways to achieve it. Whether it is our fascination with the Feng Shui elements or the placing of aesthetic indoor plants, we want to try everything for the safety, well-being and prosperity of our family members. Money plant is one such indoor plant that is preferred by a lot of people due to its contribution to the prosperity and well-being in the home. However, it needs to be understood that you can’t be assured of a happening future even if you have bought this special plant as you need to focus your attention on its proper growth and maintenance also. Let us guide you in the right direction by offering these valuable tips for the maximum positive impact.

Choose the appropriate location for the tree- If you are thinking to buy money plant or the pothos, it is important to understand its proper care and maintenance also. This indoor plant should be kept in indirect sunlight and can withstand low light. However, if your plant leaves begin to appear yellow or start withering, it is a clear signal that it needs more light. It requires humid areas and shady areas with regular exposure to sunlight to achieve optimum growth.

Ensure the proper supply of water and fertilisers- People who are having money plants in their home needs to water them after every seven to ten days. Perform the watering activity when the top soil is about 3 to 4 inches dry and offer more water during the hot environments. Apart from this, it is important to provide fertilisers and other nutrients on a quarterly basis to your money plant.

Check for the shaping and pruning of the plant- Although, money plant do not require regular pruning but performing the same will help in removing the damaged or yellow leaves from the plant for better growth. You need to make use of a sharp pair of scissors or pruning shears that are sterilised in a 10 percent bleach solution to eliminate the unwanted leaves. In case, your money plant is braided, you need to continue the braiding process in order to secure the new growth along with the twine at the top. It should be understood that braiding must be performed during the early growth period of the plant when it is young and flexible. You can further remove the side branches that are affecting the braiding activity.

Perform the repotting of the plant- Money plants that are grown in containers and pots require repotting after every two years. This is done to help tree roots grow up properly to ensure proper growth of the plant itself. Once, your money plant has attained the desired size, you need to repot it again in an appropriate manner with fresh soil. People can also try out the repotting mixture of peat moss or perlite for better water retention and drainage.

So, it is time to buy this money pant from your local offline nursery shop or go for the purchase of online money plants to avail the positive results of this indoor plant.