Are our dreams trying to tell us something?


When the dreams are in question, the most common mystery about them is “where do the dreams come from”. We all wonder what is the secret meaning behind them or are they trying to teach us or let us know something. You have all probably tried to reveal its meaning by interpreting them on your own, which is OK. However, almost all the researches done so far claim that we dream about the things that we experience while we are awake. Therefore, do not even get surprised if you see snakes in dreams, or if you dream about your favorite football club if you went sleeping last night watching them playing.


On the other hand, a research done not that long ago deals with exactly the opposite question which is “how are our dreams associated with our behavior after we wake up”. If you study this research deeper you will, firstly, agree that we, more often than not, dream about the people we see on daily basis or spend most of the time with. You are very likely to get upset in the dream with the person that you have been dreaming about for something they have done to you, or even for a thing that you have done to them. You have probably had a situation where you spent the whole day being mad at someone who did you something wrong in a dream.

Therefore, during that very research a total of 61 person were asked to keep track of their dream each night during two week period. They were asked to keep track of their daily activities as well, especially the situations that involve their significant ones. In that research a total of 842 dreams were studied in details. A quarter of all these dreams contain situations of the dreamers and their partners. That means they spend 25% of the time dreaming about their romantic partner. Almost half of the dreams contained some kind of positive interactions between the people involved in the scenery. However, about quarter of them have faced some kind of conflicts in them.

So, if we analyse the subjects, as well as the people involved in our dreams we can easily come to a conclusion that we spend the vast majority of the time dreaming about whatever and whoever consumes our mind most of the time while we are awake. Even though a great number of people believe that there is a hidden message behind every dream that we have, almost all the scientists that deal with dreams and the work of the brain agree that we actually dream about the things that we spend most of the time thinking about.

Most of the time we plot sceneries and predictions we tend to create during the day, which activates the unconscious part of our brain. This part, known as never-sleeping one, works even when our body rests. Therefore its result shows up in a dream which we later try to decipher without being conscious that we were the one creating it.

There are even people who claim that they barely have dreams. However, all the studies have shown that every single person, with no exception, is capable of dreaming. The thing is that not all them pay equally attention to the dreams they have because they do not consider them as something important. So next time a dream scares the hell out of you think about the thoughts you have had and the situations you have experiences in the previous period, if you want to find out the origin of your dreams.