Are You Sleeping Right?


You spend approximately 25 years of your life in bed, that’s a pretty long time to be sleeping incorrectly. Did you know that your posture during sleep is hugely affected by the simplest of procedures, some of which could be the reason you’re waking up with chronic back pain?

Let’s start with your pillows:

The posture of your head and neck can seriously imbalance your spine. The sleep experts at Adjustamatic have made the following informative video on the perfect posture for a great night’s sleep and have recommended that when sleeping on your side, the ideal number of pillows to keep a straight spine is 2.

Posture with 1 pillow:

If you sleep on your back however, that changes things massively. Keeping your chin at a perfect right-angle prevents any unwanted neck ache and strains, this means that one pillow is recommended as it keeps your head level to your spine.

Next, the bed:

We’re all different and unique, and this should be reflected in our bed choice. ‘One size fits all’ simply does not apply, and a tailor-made bed or mattress isn’t something we should see as superfluous or decadent, but rather a necessity and investment in our health.

Riser recliner chairs from Adjustamatic are also a great option if you do a lot of afternoon napping over the festive period, and like me can’t always make it to a bed in time. Find more expert sleep and posture tips here in Adjustamatic’s video: