Awesome Garden Edging Ideas That Will Surprise You


Garden edging is a common part of many yards. It serves to beautify the lawn, to keep animals away from plants as well as to  create a visual reminder for the kids to stay out of flowerbeds. It can be easily installed and there are versatile ways of how to do it. Stones, concrete and bricks are the most common materials used to create an edge to the garden beds, but if you want to be more creative you can use so many different materials. Today, we have chosen several Awesome Garden Edging Ideas that will surprise you for sure.

The reason why you will be surprised is because of the materials used for making a garden edge. Believe it or not you can use some stuff that you already have at home. For instance, if you have some old plates that you no longer use, take them into your yard and make a garden edge out of them. Also, all those glass bottles that you have at home, can be used as garden edge. Besides recycling some items to make a garden edge, you can also make one out of cinder blocks, bricks, river rocks, gabion, palettes, wood logs etc. Below we have included all of these ideas as well as many other and we hope that they will inspire you of how to make a garden edging. Check them out!

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Cinder Block Garden Edging

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Steel Edging

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Gabion Wall

gabion wall
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Terracotta Pots

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Glass Bottles

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Scrap Wood Garden Edging

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Wood Logs

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Pallet Garden Edge

bicycle wheel
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Garden Edge Out Of Bicycle Wheels

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Garden Edging From Plates

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Stone Garden Edge

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Shell Edging

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Brick Garden Borders

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Car Rims Garden Edging

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River Rock Garden Edge

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Bowling Balls

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Gold Metal Laminate

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So, what kind of materials will you use for creating garden edging? Will you stick to some common materials or will you make it look more awesome by repurposing some old stuff. Tell us in the comments and also let us know which one from the above ideas did you like the best. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to stay up to date with the content of Top Dreamer to find many other ideas for your garden decor.