BCS Travel is a Dutch company that works on the market since 2013. Logistics make an important part of every of our event. We pay attention that every customer who use our company gets the high-quality service and gets safely to the right desire destination.

BCS Travel is an experienced operator with comfortable vehicles, a friendly and professional team and round-clock readiness to assist. Our specialization is a coach rental service.

BCS Travel offers a big operational zone and the most efficient services in 20 different European countries and in main European cities. Access to a wide range of charter buses allows us to accommodate any quantity of people in any main destinations in Europe.

We provide small and large bus rental services. We offer such vehicles as: Buses, Double Decker buses, VIP buses, Mini-buses, Vans, VIP Vans and Limousine service.

We pay attention to every detail to make our transportation service comfortable, safe and budget-friendly to our customers.

Our services:

Tour Bus charter

Event transportation service

Airport transfers

Limousine service

City transfers

Exhibition transportation

Long distance transfers

Sport events transportation

All the arrangements are carried out by our professionals who take into account: Driver working time restrictions, Road tolls, Taxes, Parking, Tunnels, City entrance permits, Luggage capacity.

With our private charter bus rentals, our customers can be sure that all the safety precautions are taken into account by BCS Travel: Seat belts, ABS, airbags, as well as proper functioning assemblies of a charter bus. We constantly maintenance of all our buses.

Our bus charter service will save your time in search of optimum routes and making schedules. We provide quality service and quick confirmations. In addition, we offer Custom-made pricing.

Our customer support is efficient, and replies fast to any request. We assist 24/7.

With our help of customer support service all your travel challenges will be solved and you will enjoy your journey.

BCS Travel offers high level organization and experienced, professional drivers.

Big & small enterprises, Tour operators, Travel agencies, Event organizers, PR and advertising agencies, Business travelers, Companies, Families and private touristic groups are our usual customers.

“Basing on the experience, we really recommend to all our potential customers before ordering the bus service: to know the exact number of people in their group who are going to travel, the precise dates of their arrival and departure and the information about their itinerary, so we can figure out even unexpected bus deployment on-site.

Also, depending on the type of your trip, whether it’s a private travel with friends, family or a sports team gathering, it’s will be easier to choose the most reliable vehicle.

The offered choice of coaches allows our customers to find exactly the option they were looking for. Since all our bus fleets differ in sizes, they are able to pick the one that suits them better. We have many positive reviews and happy customers of our service, so we proud of what we could achieve during these years. If you want a quality transportation service BCS Travel is always there for you!” – said Anton Geier, the CEO of BCS Travel company.

BCS Travel is a professional and efficient transportation service for your trips. Travel with us! Whatever you want to go and discover in Europe do it with the BCS Travel!