The Best Money Saving Travel Tips

The Best Money Saving Travel Tips

If your biggest dream is to travel around the world, but you think that you don’t have enough money to do that, than you should definitely keep reading, because we are giving you some of the Best Money Saving Travel Tips. So let’s start.

Book your flights early! It is a fact that the earlier you book your flight, the lower fare you will get. And that is always a good deal, because you will save some money which you can use for something else, for example for your stay at the hotel.

Did you know that you have rights as passenger especially when you are traveling with EU regulated airline, for example you can get part of your money back if flight is delayed, there is a service that will do this for you.

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Always travel on weekdays! If your schedule is flexible, try not to travel on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, because on these days the fares are always more expensive than the other days.

Try not to travel around holidays! The fares are always the most expensive around popular holidays, so if you wish to save some money, book your flight on the day of the holiday.

Travel off-season! Travelling during the off-season has many advantages. Not only you will pay less money for your accommodation, but also you can enjoy certain activities that most often have lower price during these periods.

Be flexible with travel days!  Try to look around the dates of your travel plans and see if spending an extra day is worth it.

Travel light! Always try to pack only the things that you will need because you do not want to pay extra money for an over sized bag.

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Avoid the bed and breakfast package! This package can be a little more expensive and there are chances that the food isn’t good. Also, if you don’t prefer getting up early, you should definitely not book this type of accommodation, because it will be money wasting.

Do not take taxis, but try the public transportation! If you want to save some money on transportation, always try to avoid taxis, because they can be quite expensive. Consider the buses or subway, because they are always cheaper and will again take you to the place you want.

Book suites! Next time you travel, consider a two-bedroom suite, instead of two rooms. They are cheaper and you get just as much privacy with your own room.

Sign up for a travel-related credit card! If you have this type of credit card, you get bonuses from each flight you have, and after some time you can get to certain number of bonus miles, that you can use for your next flight. In that way, you save money and again have the chance to use them for travelling.

These are just a few travel tips that will help you save some money. We hope that you will find them really useful.