Best Places to Travel in Your RV Rental


Camping is one of the most exciting activities to spend your holidays. It can not only give you a way to spend your day well but can also invoke the daredevil enthusiast in you. Recreational vehicles (RVs) are the best choice for those who wish to go camping from one place to the other without checking into a hotel or any other accommodation. An RV provides a comfortable overnight experience in one’s personalized way.

For most people, buying an RV may not be the first choice as it can be expensive. The majority of them think about renting one instead.

If you already have an RV, the next thing you may consider is preparing the list of places that you would want to visit.

Here is a list of some top places to visit in the United States on RV rentals recommended by

Big Sur Coastal Highway

The northern as well as southern parts of California, have some great city centers that are conducive to tourism. If you have an RV on rental, you can explore the expansive ocean vistas located in these places. Prominent among them is the Big Sur Coastal Highway. To get to this spot, you need to follow the route runs from California’s central coast.

Columbia River Highway

The Pacific Northwest region is one of the most sought-after destinations for camping. It is recommended, especially for those who have an RV. A trip to the Columbia River Highway will lift your spirits as it abounds with rocky waterfalls and dense forests. Apart from picturesque sights of scenic beauty, you can also explore some fantastic RV campgrounds with all the facilities on your trip to this happy hunting ground for RVing.

Begin your trip to Portland, Oregon, and take the route along the Columbia River Gorge.

Blue Ridge Parkway

A popular route for driving in the United States, the Blue Ridge Parkway makes for a great traveling spot in an RV. From infrastructure to facilities, it has everything that RVing enthusiasts can think about. It runs along mountainous Appalachia and stretches up to 500 miles.

If you have plans to visit this location on your RV for the first time, you need to be a bit careful about the traffic, especially in the summer. In this season, there is usually a large amount of activity on the road which often leads to traffic congestion. However, the breathtaking scenery of this spot is worth looking at. If you are someone who admires the beauty of nature, you will love the visual appearance of this place which is distinctive by nature.

The Great Lakes Region

If you are fond of beaches or have a liking for surfing, a road trip to the Great Lakes Region in an RV can be one of the most memorable travel experiences for you. To head to this location, you can begin your trip from Chicago. This spot is also popular as the hub of the USA’s water sports. So, do not forget to pack paddleboards or surfboards before the start of your trip.

Your water sports equipment can come in handy while surfing on the beaches of this region. To hit the right note with your surfing experience, do not shy away from renting a boat.

The Southwest

Are you fond of exploring scenic landscapes? If yes, then a trip to the American Southwest in an RV will give you a marvelous time by introducing you to lovely scenic attractions of the region. Other than the popular parks like Zion National Park and Grand Canyon National Park, it has some of the best urban centers that are worth visiting. The vibrant Native American architecture of New Mexico and Santa Fe will grip you.

Route 66

Located between Illinois and Southern California, Route 66 is arguably one of the best routes to begin a cross-country road trip. The secret behind the popularity of this route can be attributed to its mention in music, novels, and movies. If you wish to spend your holiday exploring it, make sure you plan your trip early on. Also, be prepared for a long haul when you embark on this trip as it may get longer than expected in an RV.

Historic New England

Want a unique RVing experience comprising of both historical and modern marvels? Head to New England on your RV! RVing in this region translates into exploring Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire on your mind. In case you have time in hand, you can also consider visiting Quebec for catching sight of its soothing old-world architecture.

The Gulf Coast

With its excellent infrastructure for beach tourism, the Gulf Coast constitutes one of the leading choices for an RV trip. It is budget-friendly, so you can include it on your travel list if you are on a tight budget. You may have heard of reports concerning a drop in the tourism of the region due to oil spills. But due to its pocket-friendliness, it is still a firm favorite among those who are fond of RV trips.

Yellowstone National Park

Yellow National Park derives its importance as an RV destination due to its location in Montana. Plus, the lovely sights of the national park make it an ideal spot for RVing. You can spice up your trip to this place by traveling through Grand Teton National Park, and Rocky Mountain National Park. By moving through these points of interest, you will have more sights and sceneries to explore on your trip.

There is no better way of making the most of your travel time than going camping in an RV. It makes things simple and easy for a long haul. Hit the trail of your RV trip by stopping over one of the aforementioned places for an unforgettable RV camping experience. So this is a shout out loud for all the RV’ers to take advantage of these vehicles and get set to go for canoeing to create the best memories.