Best Tips For Moving In Together After Marriage


Moving in with your spouse after your marriage is something that both of you should take seriously. This is especially true if you’ve never lived together before getting married. Typically, a wedding is about starting a life as a married couple. This means waking up next to your spouse, preparing meals together, and more importantly, building a family together. 


Moving in together can be a huge adjustment. 

Thus, before you go pack all your things and change your new address, below are the best moving in tips that you can consider to help make the transition less stressful:

Discuss About Money Matters

Well, money plays a crucial role in marriage. And to make the relationship work, you and your spouse need to have a common understanding in terms of the finances. From paying bills and other household expenses to paying off your mortgage, there are many financial responsibilities to keep in mind after marriage. 

Because of this, make sure to talk about money before moving in together. This means you should have an honest and open conversation about some things such as your financial goals, debts that you may bring into the relationship, and the opening of a joint bank account for savings.

Thus, if you want the transition to be seamless, be sure to talk openly about money. Doing so can help create a successful situation with your spouse. 

Think About The Timing

Typically, moving in after getting married can be a challenging and overwhelming exercise. From packing to unpacking belongings to a new place, you and your spouse may have to exert a lot of time and effort. This is one of the reasons why you should want to avoid any heavy lifting during and a few weeks after the wedding. Besides, you’ll certainly want to give yourself a few days or weeks to relax and enjoy each other’s company before going back to reality. 

Due to these circumstances, it’s important to consider the right timing of moving in. Whether you’re moving into your spouse’s place, into yours, or into a new place, you should determine the perfect relocation schedule for the both of you. But, while you’re in the process of deciding when you should move in, try to prepare for the process in advance by finding the best Manhattan moving company to reduce the stress and ease the transition. Also, you can use this time to go through your things and decide what you’ll bring to your shared home or not. 

Make Your House A Comfortable Home

Another thing that you should also consider when moving in together after marriage is to make your house a comfortable home. This means filling your place with photos of both of you as a couple and decorating the space in a way that it reflects your happy relationship. And to ensure all these items are safely transported, you can hire a moving and storage service to get the job done properly. 

Remember, by moving to a new home that’s inviting and welcoming, it’s easier for you and your spouse to create memories and celebrate milestones such as your first holiday celebration. Also, if you want to make your first few nights in your new home special, you can host a housewarming party to welcome your loved ones into the new chapter of your married life. 

Talk About The Division Of Responsibilities 

When moving together as a married couple, it’s crucial that you discuss the division of responsibilities. Generally, the primary goal of dividing up household duties is to make sure that all essential things are done and that you’re happy with the way both of you are running the household. 

Therefore, to ensure you’re on the same page in terms of the responsibilities, then, you should have a clear idea of who should handle all the important things in your house. By doing this, you can make your married life stronger and happier for a longer period of time. 

Be Prepared To Learn New Things About Your Spouse

While you may have been into a relationship for a couple of years, moving in together after marriage entails a lot of adjustments. One of these is that you should get ready to learn new things about the person you married for life. By knowing more things about them, you can make the entire moving process much easier for you as a married couple. 

For example, you may soon discover how often your spouse leaves dirty dishes in the sink or you may also realize that your other half will have to work until midnight. These situations can be a cause of misunderstanding, which is why it’s important to communicate with your spouse about these matters. Doing so can ensure the two of you will be happier to share a home together without any conflict. 

The Bottom Line

Realistically speaking, moving in with the person you married can be a difficult stage for both of you. While living with someone can be a learning process, living a life with someone you said “I do” can be a lot more difficult. 

But, if you want your marriage to work and be in the happiest time of your life, keep the tips mentioned above and you’re on the right path.