Buick Continues Their Long History of Success


Affordable and comfortablecollections of Buick models have found unprecedented success for well over a hundred years. In 1899, David Dunbar Buick fought off stiff competition in the automobile market to become part of the largest automotive manufacturing companies in the world. In 1903, the Detroit located Motor Co. was one very small competitor out of hundreds of independent automobile makers in the country at that time. Today, the company grosses over 5% of the automotive market, and holds some of the deepest history in the automotive world. Buick today is undeniably the oldest active American car producer in the world.

Buick’s Recent Background

A recent campaign to import Buick to the US has found its own success. Buick is one of China’s most popular auto manufactures, and the overseas section of the company produces some of today’s hottest models. To make matters more interesting, sales in China trump the US’s 4.04 million vehicles sold in 2017. China in total makes up for 35% of Buick’s global sales on average.

A total of 219,231 Buick models were sold in the US in 2017. While this is 10,000 models fewer than last year, sales in other countries continue to rise. Sales in the US have fluctuated over the last 4 years, seeing steep increases followed by sudden decreases in an alternating fashion.

Crossovers are making a huge impact on Buick’s numbers across the board. In 2017, the design and body style helped to give Buick its best calendar year since 2004. This style now accounts for over 80% of Buick’s retail deliveries. This is up by around 5% since 2016. Despite recent competition like the Subaru Forester, Outback, and Volkswagen golf, new wagons and compact SUVs prove to be a hit. Sales from the past few years indicate an ever-present interest in models Buick brings to the market. Both US and overseas sales are holding strong.

Adding to Buick’s success in China is one of its newest models, the Enclave. This particular model has been Buick’s volume leader three years running. Enclave sales were up in 2017 by an outstanding 46%. Other Buick favorites like the Envision saw sales increases as high as 93%, while some like the Encore saw more mild increases of 2%. Either way, increases in all categories are welcome.

Buying A Buick

While Buick started out on US soil, there are now Buick manufacturing facilities all over the world. Besides our own factories, China is the largest. Although the US way first, China is now making the newer and more popular models. When buying your new Buick, you may want to take the time to find out if its being produced stateside, or if its an import. This may be a factor in the price you see on the windshield. The Buick Envision, for example, is still priced below much of its competition for basic trim options.

Consider looking beyond local dealerships for the best deals. Prices can vary from city to city and from state to state. For instance, the most affordable state to buy a Buick according to Autozin is North Dakota, and Hawaii remains the most expensive place to purchase.

In Conclusion

What once started out as an idea in Flint, Michigan, turned into an American legacy. That legacy has now spread far beyond the continental US, and continues to make its impact on the automotive market worldwide. When you step behind the wheel of a Buick, you are stepping behind the wheel of countless hours of design and well over 100 years of experience. Drive a Buick, and be part of the American heritage that backs us all.