Can Hearing Aids Be Stylish? How to Feel Chic When Wearing Hearing Aids


Whether you’ve experienced hearing loss earlier than others, or you’ve just got an eye for fashion, you may be wondering if your hearing aids can be stylish. It isn’t shallow to want to look your best; in fact, it’s perfectly normal. The way you look and present yourself can link directly to your behavior. If you feel like you look great, you’re more likely to be confident and outgoing. To answer your question, you can absolutely wear hearing aids and look amazing. Here’s how you can look and feel chic while sporting your newest ear technology.

Dazzle everyone with some new jewelry.

To adorn your chic “look,” you’ll need some stunning jewelry. Wearing opulent earrings might draw more attention to your hearing aids. If you want to avoid doing that, pick a different kind of jewelry to wear. For example, wearing a statement ring can draw attention to your hands, pulling focus from your ears. If this sounds appealing, consider purchasing unique gemstone rings to compliment your favorite outfits. Pick a unique ring like a diamond-studded lapis lazuli ring by Chinchar Maloney. It’ll be striking and exciting enough to be the centerpiece of an entire outfit.

Chinchar Maloney is a custom jewelry company that can provide you with beautiful, innovative pieces that will have your friends asking where you got it! They work exclusively with rustic diamonds that are completely unique, untreated, sourced ethically, and can’t be replicated. A creative team that’s family-owned and operated exquisitely creates each of their rings, guaranteeing great attention to detail and quality. If you like something on their website and make a purchase, you’ll receive free and insured shipping on all of their products. Don’t be afraid to make a statement with your jewelry. Be bold and be seen.

Pick the perfect hearing aid for your style.

There are a lot of different kinds of hearing aids on the market, so you really have your pick of the litter when it comes to style. Hearing aid manufacturers are getting better every day at marrying function and style. There are five hearing aid styles: in-the-ear, completely-in-canal, invisible-in-canal, behind-the-ear, and receiver-in-canal. IIC hearing aids can be great if you don’t want to distract from your fashion because they’re completely invisible; however, due to their size, they can be limited in power and wireless capabilities.

If your insurance will only cover BTE hearing aids, where they are clearly visible, they come in many different colors to match seamlessly to your skin. On the other hand, if you have a favorite color, maybe bolder is better. Get a custom color and make your world a little brighter. There’s no shame in getting help with your hearing, so wear it loud and proud. Make your hearing aid part of your “look.”

Dress to impress.

If you’re wearing an incredible outfit, no one will even notice your hearing aids. A well-curated outfit from top to bottom will always make you look chic and impressive. Once you get your hearing aids, you can search online for “women’s clothing stores near me” and go on a shopping spree. A little retail therapy never hurt anyone— as long as you don’t overspend. Look for great deals, stick to a budget, and find unique accent pieces that compliment your body type and individual style. It’s always a great idea to take control of your life in the areas you have power. It will make you feel like you have more agency and give you an instant confidence boost.

You are beautiful inside and out. Needing help hearing will never exclude you from living your chicest life, as long as you don’t let it. Have fun with your jewelry, your clothes, and your hearing aids. After all, happiness and confidence are the chicest accessories.