Choosing Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey: Step-by-Step Guide


By picking up Turkey as the primary destination for transplanting your hair, you’ll have affordable and successful surgery. Turkish clinics attract foreign patients from all around the globe because they use the most advanced tools to perform hair transplant methods. You can check top-notch medical centers/doctors in Turkey, read reviews about them at Keep reading to find out how to pick a medical facility, what they offer, and how to arrange your trip fast and comfortably.

What Makes Turkish Centers the Top Option for Hair Transplantation?

Affordable Prices

The price is the first factor that attracts medical tourists from all around the world to head to Turkey for a hair transplant. The average bill for this surgery in a Turkish medical center is approximately $2,100. But some clinics offer even cheaper options — you can find offers even for $1,300-$1,500. If your hair issue is pretty tricky, the price may reach around $2,700-$3,000, which is still 2-3 times cheaper compared to other medical destinations. For instance, patients pay for the same procedure around $15,000 in the USA, $7,600 in South Korea, and $5,250 in Thailand. As you can see, Turkey has all the advantages of being called the top place for hair restoration surgeries.

All-Inclusive Packages

What do we call a package price? It is when the surgery cost, hotel stay, airport pick up, interpreting services, and sometimes even meals are included in one price. All these advantages make Turkish clinics attractive to tourists, as patients can completely relax and not think about organizational issues, but simply focus on the result.  At the same time, the price for a package with all services is very affordable — $1,500-$2,500. By ordering an attractive all-inclusive package for hair restoration in one of the Turkish medical centers, you invest in a stress-free medical journey. Patients come to Turkey to improve their appearance and, as a bonus,  they can enjoy a luxury holiday in a beautiful country with a pleasant climate and smiling people. Turkish clinics are in enormous competition to get the maximum of foreign/local patients. That is why they do everything possible to offer exciting deals to reel new patients in. Turkish centers offer cost-effective hair deals with a 99% success rate. 

If you want to get a positive experience in a medical hub like Turkey, you’ll need to select the right medical center for hair surgery. The success rate of the procedure depends entirely on the chosen clinic and its medical staff’s skills. 

Factors To Consider While Choosing the Turkish Hospital

Many patients wonder how they can make their choice of the hospital when it comes to a hair transplant. Inbound medical tourists should consider several factors when they start searching for a hospital in Turkey. Below we’re going to share some secrets and tricks to make the best choice for the beauty of our hair.

  1. Professional Approach

When you start selecting hair transplantation providers, you have to stick to a safe approach and deal only with experienced specialists. It is true that the hair restoration field is fast changing. New technologies appear, and doctors need to follow all the global trends to be able to satisfy foreign patients with high expectations. Choose hospitals that offer a wide variety of procedures and methods for transplanting hair. Also, please pay attention to how they treat foreign medical tourists by providing them with airport transfers and interpreting assistance. You can check the satisfaction rates of a clinic on the Bookimed site. 

  1. Hygiene Level

A hair transplant surgery is not risky if a clinic follows all international protocols. You have to be sure that the surgery happens in a modern medical center with advanced facilities. Ask your consultant about the state of operation theaters, as it is the only guarantee for a safe medical environment to minimize the risk of infections and side effects. Avoid clinics that operate their patients in rented properties. Stick to hospitals with their own surgery rooms.

  1. Before/After Patient’s Photos

The best way to check the success rate of a chosen clinic is to see before/after photos of patients. They permit you to evaluate the experience and talent of a hair surgeon. It is a unique art to convert knowledge into excellent surgeon work. Make sure your surgeon has an aesthetic taste and focuses on details. It is essential to check the watermarks on the photos to be sure they are original. 

  1. Accreditation by the Turkish Ministry Of Health

When you do research on reliable clinics for your hair surgery, you have to remove all the options that miss qualifications. Your medical center has to be registered under the Turkish Ministry of Health. Only certified medical centers are able to provide safe and effective medical care.


There should be no rush at all when it comes to picking up the Turkish medical center for your hair surgery. It takes time to prepare for your beautiful experience. If you don’t want to waste time, don’t know where to start, or are afraid of making the wrong choice, do not hesitate to contact the Bookimed medical tourism platform.  Experienced coordinators will select a certified clinic and doctors, taking into account your wishes and budget.