City life vs Country Living? What is right for you?


An age-old debate about which is better continues to this day between city life and country life. Ultimately, it will come down to your preference as everyone will feel comfortable in a certain environment. Some will prefer to live in the hustle and bustle of the city whilst others would feel terrible in the city and would prefer the freedom of the countryside. Each has its pros and cons. Hopefully, this article will help you decide which is for you. 

A consensus will never be achieved. People will always favor different things and are free to choose where to live. In a recent survey, there was a statistic showing young people moving to the bigger cities whilst older people were going the other way and moving from the cities to the countryside. It is the common consensus that the city is for the young people where there are more opportunities but at the cost of expensive flats and expensive childcare. 

On the flip side, the country offers space and tranquillity that is often craved for by young families or by the older generation. There are a variety of benefits and cons to them both. 

Living in the city

The big city offers a lot of amenities that you would never find in the countryside. Large and capital cities offer much more opportunities and cultural experiences through galleries, museums, large companies, and corporations. For example, there are plenty of Boerne TX homes for sale that offer lots to a city dweller. 

Advantages of City Living

Opportunity- The two main reasons for people to move to the city are higher education and work. The endless possibilities of city living attract college-aged people from smaller cities or countryside settings. London, for example, is one of the most culturally and religiously diverse places in the world.

People choose to go to the city in search of a better life, better work, and better education. There is significantly more opportunity. However, this comes with fierce competition. The opportunities are often more well paid as well.

Public Transport- There is a variety of public transportation to reach your destinations in the city. Buses, trains, cabs, and subways are all at your fingertips and can make your commute easier and much more effective. In a city, the transportation is more regular and runs throughout the evenings. Additionally, roads are better and wider. 

Amenities- The city offers a much wider range of amenities including more bars, pubs, and restaurants. Gourmet restaurants and large grocery stores are rife throughout cities and often push each other to provide better deals or more luxurious options. This rarely happens in a countryside setting.

Disadvantages of City Living

Overcrowded- This is one of the biggest disadvantages of city living. Traffic jams on main streets and boulevards happen day in and day out and whilst there are often so many people in the city, many records that they feel alone. City life does not include the community relationship that you will experience in the countryside and as such should be avoided if this is what you need. 

Expensive Lifestyle- With the increased competition provided in cities, the cost of living there always increases. House prices, rent, restaurants, shopping, taxes, clothes, everything you can think of is much more expensive. Many businesses offer discounts to try and combat this and entice you to spend your hard-earned cash there instead of anywhere else. 

Life in the Country

City dwellers and lovers may find the sound of country living tedious at first. However, once the city lover decides to settle down and start a family then the practicality of the countryside may seem like heaven. 

Advantages of Country Living

Tranquillity- The countryside is objectively quieter. There are fewer vehicles, crowds, and city noises. Life moves slower in the country. Additionally, there are significantly lower pollution levels. There are local communities and small markets all within working distance or even cycling distance that reduces the need for cars. Long walks in the countryside can also provide a well-needed mental health boost. A more tranquil lifestyle is perfect in the countryside. 

Affordability- The price for a comfortable country house can be the same cost for a tiny city apartment. The taxes for a country living are always significantly cheaper than living in the city. You also have more opportunities to develop your property than you would in a city environment. The chance to have a home garden is significantly improved by living in the country. 

Community Living- In the country, it is much easier to join or create a friendly and supportive community. In a city, you are less likely to find community activities. In the country, you can find meaningful relationships that can change your lifestyle. If you prefer to be involved in the local community then country living may be for you. 

Disadvantages of Country Living

Opportunities- Sadly it is true that there are fewer opportunities for most careers in the countryside. You will need to find work that you can do from home or prepare for a long commute that can not only take away from your time but can be costly. 

Transportation and Amenities- Public transport is far less efficient and can be difficult to use. If you don’t own a car or know how to drive, then you can find country living difficult. As well as this, there are far fewer restaurants and shops.  This can often mean that you are stuck with what is in your surrounding areas. 

Power failures- A common occurrence that can happen in the country is power failures and losses Connectivity can is vital to many people who work from home, and this could be a real turn-off for moving to the countryside. 

Country Life or City Life

Each of these scenarios has their advantages and disadvantages. You need to decide which you prefer and what suits your lifestyle. If you are just starting a new family then you may find the countryside appealing. If you are a young professional, then the city might be better. You need to investigate your own life then make your decision.