Commercial Roofs Paid for by Solar Companies


A few decades ago finding solar panels on roofs of commercial buildings was a rarity not just in America but in much of the world. Solar energy was not just expensive, it was also considered to be highly unreliable. That is why almost all business premises met their energy requirements through use of traditional electricity which is mainly sourced from fossil fuels such as natural gas and coal. However, increasing awareness about the destructive effects on the environment of these fossil fuels have led to a slow but steady embrace of alternative energy sources, with solar being among the great beneficiaries of this shift. Besides environmental concerns, the increasing popularity of solar energy can also be attributed to another factor – decreasing costs of solar panels and solar energy. This reduction in solar energy costs has in turn led to a surge in roof solar installation. To increase solar usage, many solar companies are partnering with owners of commercial buildings to install roofs that are suitable for solar installation. Here is how it is done.

Solar Companies Renting Roofs

In its early stages, adoption of solar technology was very slow for two main reasons – the high cost of solar panels and the high cost of ground space. Rapid technological development over the past decade has a led to a massive drop in the prices of solar panels thus making them accessible by almost everyone. However, the cost of ground space has not had a similar drop. To solve this problem of expensive ground space, solar companies have come up with an ingenious approach – rent rooftops. Yes, the solar company uses your roof to generate energy that benefits not just you but also many other people! Among the benefits you get is spending much less on monthly energy bills.

Making your Roof Suitable for Solar Panel Installation

Not all roofs can support installation of solar panels. For instance, roofs with installation errors and poor quality materials cannot have solar panels installed on them. That is why it is important to use reputable commercial roofers when installing or repairing your roof. One such company is Cornerstone Construction. Apart from their professionalism and quality of work, using such reputable companies is important because they provide you with a warranty.

This is a guarantee from the installer that the materials used are of high quality and that in case any installation errors are detected they will come back and redo the job more thoroughly. Many solar companies will only install solar panels on roofs with warranties.Other solar companies even go further. They pay for roof installation on your behalf so that they are roofed in a manner that is suitable for solar panel installation.

Solar power has long been dubbed as the energy of the future. But given its massively increasing popularity in many countries, including the USA, it may well be considered the energy of the moment. As it becomes cheaper and more reliable it is certainly going to be adopted by more people. To take advantage of this trend, make sure that your roof is done in a manner that makes it suitable for solar panel installation.