Common Motorcycle Accidents and How to Prevent Them


Motorcycle accidents are all too common, even when you’re driving defensively. They can be caused by the biker themselves, the other driver, or just plain bad luck. Regardless of where they come from, there are ways to prevent them, such as wearing safety gear and taking a defensive stance on the road. In this article, we’ll explore some common motorcycle accidents and how you can avoid them! 

Accidents Caused By the Motorcyclist Themselves

There are many ways that motorcyclists can cause accidents themselves, but most commonly it’s because they misjudge a corner or lose control of their bike. This is often due to inexperience and reckless riding. Most people don’t ride regularly enough to really get used to handling their bikes, so they often lose control when they least expect it. The solution is to practice, practice, practice! Ride as much as you can and take different roads that put your skills to the test.

This means avoiding highways and busy streets if possible. The less crowded the road, the better chance of staying in control of your bike. Slow down a little on a road if you know there’s going to be lots of junctions and sharp corners.

Another good idea is to take time to practice emergency maneuvers such as the emergency stop and controlled braking, as well as quick swerves. These can be lifesavers in some situations! Also, try riding with your head up and looking well ahead at the road. This means you’ll be more likely to spot hazards while they’re still far away, and will have time to get out of any tight situations.

Accidents Caused By the Driver

The most common motorcycle accidents caused by other drivers are sideswipes and right hooks, which cause head-on collisions. Sideswipes happen when the other driver doesn’t see the biker and tries to squeeze past them in a narrow space, most often at junctions. To avoid this, try to stay out of blind spots whenever possible. Stay well behind larger vehicles, so you have more time to react if they suddenly stop or change direction. If there’s no room to pass, wait for the vehicle to turn.

Right hooks happen when you’re riding at a junction and another car tries to overtake you instead of waiting their turn. This is similar to sideswipes because it’s usually due to a lack of visibility on the other driver’s part. Try staying out of blind spots as much as possible (see above), and try to make yourself as visible as possible while staying out of the way. If there’s a car behind you, pull over at a safe place and let them pass.

This may seem like a no-brainer, but wearing safety gear is crucial because it can not only protect you in case there is an accident but also prevents many kinds of traumatic brain injuries in a motorcycle accident as well, so keep that in mind! It might be tempting to show off your biker look by wearing fewer pieces of gear, but it really is worth the effort to put on all the protection you can. This means wearing a helmet that’s properly fitted and has been approved by the Department of Transportation or National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Besides protecting your head in case you fall off your bike, helmets are designed to reduce the risk of spinal cord injury if the rider is thrown from their bike. Stay safe and wear a helmet!

Accidents Caused By Bad Luck

While it may seem like bad luck is some intangible thing that only happens to other people, sometimes accidents just do happen. Stay alert and act defensively by wearing safety gear, staying out of blind spots, looking ahead at the road, and avoiding highways when possible. If you do get in an accident that wasn’t your fault, don’t hesitate to call a lawyer! Get in touch with our firm for more information.

When you’re riding your motorcycle defensively, it means keeping an eye out for any possible hazards. This includes looking well ahead of you to spot obstacles in the road, driving slower on less crowded roads, and avoiding highways whenever possible. Defensive driving also means staying in your lane when riding, this is one surefire way to avoid accidents!

Motorcycle accidents can be caused by the biker themselves, other drivers, or just plain bad luck. Regardless of how they happen and who is at fault, there are ways to prevent them, such as wearing safety gear and taking a defensive stance on the road. By staying out of blind spots, wearing safety gear, driving defensively, and practicing emergency maneuvers like swerving or stopping short can help to prevent accidents. Wearing a helmet is also a must for protecting your head should the worst happen. Keep these tips in mind when riding, protect yourself at all times, and enjoy the open road!