Comparison and the Option for Airport Transfer


If the war persists between online booked taxi and taxis, it is important to choose one’s side when creating a transport company.The taxi is an emergency transport: the user takes it especially, at the exit of a station, an airport, at the corner of a major axis. Thanks to the monopoly of marauding, he can be hailed by a sidewalk while driving empty (which the user sees quickly thanks to the illuminated sign on the roof of the taxi).

The online booked taxi is a transport that must be provided, it is imperative to go through a booking platform which does not allow to find anywhere, but which allows on the other hand to have an offer completely meeting a need user: private vehicle, luxury car, many places available, reading, drinks, and sometimes even child seats available. It is a transport offering comfort and luxury. You can visit for the best deals.

Online booked taxi and taxi: a particular regulation

  • The regulation obliges the taxi to follow a fixed rate with the time stamp and a maximum number of 8 places while the online booked taxi can choose its tariff according to its offer of services, and can have from 4 to 9 places.
  • The tariff defines the taxi does not allow the user to know the price of his race before making it, while the online booked taxi will announce the reservation.
  • The main advantage of the taxi is that it is the only one that can use the bus lanes and has access to reserved parking in front of the stations and airports while the online booked taxi must respect the regulations as a passenger vehicle.
  • Before choosing, it is important to know that a taxi driver will be able to run races via aonline booked taxi platform in parallel with his activity, whereas aonline booked taxi driver is not allowed to carry out taxi races without a license.

The legal obligations of a taxi or online booked taxi company

Attention, the first difference between taxi is TVC is that the taxi license requires a significant investment, it is also why it has, in return, access facilitated by the regulations. The online booked taxi does not require an expensive license, but still has to prove itself.

Whether it is a creation of online booked taxi or taxi, it will be necessary to hold the license B to drive for more than three years, and to follow a formation.

In the case of a taxi business creation, a certificate of professional competence must be obtained to possess the business card, while the online booked taxi driver will need a transport authorization and obtain a professional online booked taxi card and then register. In the online booked taxi register, or have the transport license.