Crafty Ways to Recycle Your Coffee Pods at Home


Every day, people all over the world rely on pod coffee makers for brewing their coffee. This is a big step up from the traditional coffee makers we’re all used to, since pods leave us with coffee in virtually no time. However, unlike those machines, when you use pods to whip up your coffee, you are left with the shell when you’re done. While you can just throw the pod away, there are much better ways to handle the situation. In fact, there are a bunch of crafts you can put together while recycling your coffee pods at home.

Coffee pod crafts seem to be gaining popularity online all over the world, and you can look at pinterest and other such sites for a ton of easy ideas. While a lot of the DIY guides online are not in English, they’re usually easy enough to figure out based on photos. We were able to find a few however, and put together a small list of projects for you to try. Check out some of them below.

For colorful coffee pods you might consider making some jewelry out of them. There’s a lot of different ways to shape and design your cups into bracelets or earrings, and there are many guides online on a few of these methods. You can start by simply flattening the cups and stringing them together, as shown in this video by Terracycle. Other crafters have even cut the pods into different patterns. Be creative, but also remember that most coffee pods will leave sharp edges when cut.


The colorful Nespresso pods are also great for ornaments, like this DIY wreath. A few more photos, detailing how this wreath was made can be found on Depending on the colors you use, you could make this ornament for any holiday. Consider using black and orange pods for Halloween. You can even find pods in pastel green, blue, and pink for an Easter theme. If you don’t have the right color pods for the wreath you want, you can always paint them.

If you prefer an arts and crafts project that involves painting, we have got you covered. Here, you need to start out by grabbing your used coffee pod and completely emptying all of its contents out. By cutting a shape out of foam and attaching it to the pod, you’ve made yourself a simple stamp. Once you have done that, place the top rim of your pod into some paint. Then, stamp away on a fresh piece of paper.

The last arts and crafts project you can make are musical pods. Begin by taking your coffee pod and emptying out everything that is inside of it. You will also want to clean it out, making sure to get rid of all the grinds in the process. After that, you should give your pod some time to dry out. Then, fill the pod with something noisy. In the past, people have used items like rice, pennies, buttons, sand, marbles, tooth picks or even beads. So that the items you just picked don’t go flying all over the place, you’ll need to seal up your pod. Take a piece of construction paper and perfectly size it to the top of your pod. Place down some hot glue to the rim of the cup and stick on your paper. Let this dry for a bit and then you’re ready to shake it.

We all have coffee pods just hanging around the house that serve no purpose, so why not create some fun arts and crafts projects with them? These are easy ways to make use of your pods, while getting adorable trinkets in the process. The possibilities are endless!