Creative DIY Cork Crafts That All Wine Lovers Will Love


Are you the type of person who enjoys fine dining and wine? Do you like to taste the wine in every town or country you visit? Then, you probably want to collect different corks and bring them to your home as a reminder of the great taste. The Creative DIY Cork Crafts That All Wine Lovers Will Love are going to inspire to make use of the fabulous corks and make them part of your home decor. All the guests that come to your home wouldn’t help it but notice your love for wine, and they are definitely going to adore all of the DIY designs that you have made by yourselves!

Frame your family photos in a cool frame surrounded by corks from the wine corks that you have collected on your trips around the world. You will need a glue gun to get this project done!

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Repurpose the tin can into a pencil holder but remember to dress it up with corks. This is an awesome organizer for your office, but it may tempt you to drink wine during your working hours, so watch out!

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Take your favorite cork everywhere with you bu turning it into a key chain.

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Do you have a favorite wine cork? Write it on a blackboard and decorate your kitchen or dining room area, but remember to add corks to it for an even cooler look.

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The chandeliers can be quite fancy, and your chandelier made of corks is going to leave everyone speechless. As soon as you walk in the room, your eyes will spot it!

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The cork can be perfect name card holders, so when you are hosting a dinner with lots of people, make sure you label the seats in this magnificent way.

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Does your bathroom miss a floor mat? Make it with corks in no time and for no money!

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The girls are going to get inspired to make this functional necklace holder made out of corks. What’s most important is the fact that it will fit in every decor!

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Embellish your front door with this stunning cork wreath! Your guests will definitely expect to be served with a glass of wine in your home!

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Make this cork trivet to protect your table from the hot pots and pans.

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Woudl you like to upgrade the look of your old flower pots by just covering them with corks? It’s a super easy and cheap idea which will refresh your interiors!

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This cork bird house is going to be a nice addition to your yard, so what are you waiting for? Get down to work!

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If you are feeling artistic copy the idea below and make yourselves a nice piece of art which will fill the empty wall in your home.

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Which DIY crafts are you going to recreate soon? Keep me posted in the comments below!